Best iOS 11 Augmented Reality Apps Worth Checking Out

Best iOS 11 Augmented Reality Apps Worth Checking Out

Apple’s iOS 11 operating system was introduced to the public just a few days ago. Its main highlight, ARKit, has considerably grown in popularity since then, and users are eager to explore the best iOS 11 augmented reality apps. Although ARKit was first revealed earlier this year, the average user didn’t get to try it out until iOS 11 was released.

However, developers have been using ARKit to create apps since the software development kit was revealed at WWDC, so in this article, we are highlighting some of the best iOS 11 augmented reality apps. Make sure to check them out!

#1 World Brush

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World Brush is a new app dedicated to creating new and unique 3D shapes and reflecting them upon the real world. If you are familiar with Google’s Tilt Brush VR app, this is its AR counterpart. All the drawn shapes remain where they are until the user changes or deletes them. That being said, you can show your friends the unique and funny shapes you created in public places by having them check it from their phones.

#2 Edmunds



Edmunds is a useful app for people who are eager to find and/or buy a new vehicle. The app has now been implemented in the new ARKit as well. It will now allow you to place a virtual car inside your room. This makes it even easier for people who want to spring for a new vehicle by showing them a life-sized car they can observe up close. It is believed that the app will continue to progress, but for now, only body shapes and sizes are available to the user.

#3 Thomas and Friends


Thomas and Friends

Apple allows users to get creative with Thomas and Friends by allowing them to create tracks for the Tank Engine to run on. Apparently, the game is dedicated to the younger audience. While it can be played in its normal state, the release of iOS 11 upgraded the game so that it can support AR to reveal the hidden powers of augmented reality to children. In AR mode, the tracks and Thomas will appear on your living room’s carpet. This will definitely be one of the best iOS 11 augmented reality apps for children.

#4 Housecraft



Housecraft is an application that allows you to bring AR-designed furniture into your house or apartment. It is pretty much like playing an augmented reality version of The Sims. The previous versions were limited to IKEA items. However, today Sirvo allowed a catalog of different items you can put in your game. Additionally, there is a “Disaster” feature, which allows you to destroy your room–virtually, of course.

#5 Gyphy World


Integration into iMessage apparently wasn’t enough for Giphy. The Giphy World application will bring all your favorite GIFs into your room. It even lets you record an augmented reality video of your room filled with your favorite GIFs and stickers. You and your friends who already have the app will be able to share your surroundings with each other and much more. This is an interesting app that is expected to expand in the future.

6# Fitness AR

If you thought that Augmented Reality couldn’t be applied to fitness, you are wrong. Strava is a fitness-tracking app with an API being used on over 20,000 other apps. Now it implemented augmented reality, and everyone is taking advantage of it. Sports enthusiasts can now take a life-sized route thanks to the 3D map. There is also the possibility of screen-recording. which takes a closer look at the available courses and enables you to create a video of your route. Its only drawback is that it is not completely free. Still, it is affordable enough when you put all the features into consideration.

Which apps do you think are the best iOS 11 augmented reality apps? Let us know in the comments!

Image source: iTunes

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