Apple Watch Causes Skin Rashes For Some

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Complaints about the recently released Apple Watch are continuing to roll in. First some were complaining that the sensors don’t work properly on tattooed skin or with long sleeves. Now others are complaining that the band of the smartwatch has caused skin rashes.

Apple Watch band causing rashes

Ispazio, an Italian-language website, was the first to report complaints about the skin rashes. An Apple Watch owner sent in photos showing red splotches around their wrist where the band touches the skin. There’s a space where the face of the watch would be on the arm, indicating clearly that it’s the band which is causing the skin rash.

Complaints of skin rashes from the band of the Apple Watch also appeared on Reddit. One poster on the site said he called Apple to complain about a rash caused by the smartwatch’s band, and the customer service representative questioned him for approximately 20 minutes before saying Apple would get back to him.

Apple aware of the skin problems

Apple seems to be aware that some people are having breakouts caused by the band on the Apple Watch, as it has set up a support page on this very topic. Indeed, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the band of the smartwatch is causing skin problems for some. Fitbit had a similar issue and ended up recalling its wearable fitness device because it was also causing skin rashes.

On its support page, Apple assures buyers that it spends “a great deal of care and research” when choosing materials for its devices. The company also states that all materials that are in contact with the skin have “gone through extensive evaluation.” Further, Apple said “a small number of people” will have reactions to some materials that can be caused by allergies, things present in their environment or other irritants.

Apple warns of nickel, methacrylates

Apple also reminded consumers that the space gray Apple Watch Sport, the stainless steel parts of some of the other bands, and the magnets in the smartwatch contain some nickel. The company said the amount of nickel content is blow the restrictions set by European regulators but noted that people who are especially vulnerable to reactions from nickel should know that they may have a reaction to the Apple Watch.

The company also warned of methacrylates, a material that’s contained in the case of the Apple Watch and the Milanese Loop, Modern Buckle, and Leather Loop watch bands. Apple said methacrylates are found in many other consumer products like adhesive bandages but that they can cause skin reactions in some people.

Wearing the Apple Watch too tightly

Apple also explained that wearing the Apple Watch too loosely or tightly could cause problems. If the band is too tight, it can cause “skin irritation,” but if it’s too loose, it can rub the wearer’s wrist and irritate it.

Further, the company emphasized that wearers should keep the Apple Watch and the skin underneath it clean and dry, especially following workouts or exposure to liquids like lotions, sunscreen, soap or sweat.

In addition to the skin rashes and problems with tattooed skin, other problems that have been reported with the Apple Watch include faulty taptic engines, problems with the band locking, and issues with the Digital Crown.

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