Analyst Says Apple Watch Series 4 Is Coming Later This Year

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Although Apple only just held their first press event of 2018, there are already rumors floating around of what exactly is in the pipeline that the company hasn’t yet announced: and one of those is the release of the Apple Watch series 4.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an impressive track record regarding predicting the launch of upcoming tech products, investors were told in a research note on Wednesday that a new Apple Watch series 4 would be coming later this year. According to the note, the display size on the Apple Watch series 4 will increase – coming in at roughly 15% larger than the current Apple Watch. We’ll also likely see thinner bezels around the screen in order to offer more screen in a case that’s roughly the same size as the current model. By adding a bigger screen while shrinking bezels, Apple is taking the same approach that many high-end smartphone manufacturers are taking – shrinking the sides of the phone so that more screen can be squeezed into a device that’s roughly the size.

Kuo also stated that the Apple Watch series 4 might ship with a more “trendy” design. What exactly that means remains to be seen – especially considering that Apple has once again started marketing the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory, with a number of bands from designer brands that add some class to the already-impressive design of the Apple Watch. With that said, Apple is always at the forefront of design and their devices are frequently praised for their attention to aesthetic, so it’s possible we could see an Apple Watch series 4 with even more of a sleek look – adding the perfect complement to the perfect wardrobe.

In addition to the new design and the larger screen size, the Apple Watch series 4 may also feature a larger battery in order to increase the length that the device can last on a single charge. While a modern Apple Watch can already last a full day with average use on a single charge, the increased battery life should give users a little more wiggle room and add yet another reason to purchase the Apple Watch series 4.

It will be interesting to see if we actually see a design overhaul with the Apple Watch series 4, as it has remained relatively similar in the way it looks since the release back in 2015. The Series 3 last year had much the same design of its predecessor, although the red dot on the crown button did differentiate it from the previous generation. While the Apple Watch series 3 did add a number of upgrades over the previous generation, we’ll have to wait and see whether the Apple Watch series 4 is a small step forward or a giant leap.

At this point in time, Apple hasn’t commented on the release of the Apple Watch series 4, or to any sort of plans regarding the product family moving forward. This is to be expected, and we shouldn’t see much of an official nature before the official announcement. Still, this rumor regarding the Apple Watch series 4 comes from a reliable source. We’ll certainly see a successor to the Apple Watch series 3 – when exactly that will happen, however, is currently unclear. All signs point to sometime later this year, but outside of that we don’t really have an idea as to the actual release date.

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