Apple Watch Series 4 release date, price, features, photo

Apple reveals new band styles for Apple Watch Series 4 and newer

Oct 1, 2020 – UPDATE For Apple Watch 4:

Apple revealed new band styles for the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer. The new styles are called the Solo Loop and the Braided Solo Loop. The new bands come in 18 different size options. Apple is also offering a printable tool so buyers can determine which band would fit them.

After printing the tool, you wrap it around your wrist, and it tells you a size between 1 and 12, which matches each case size and the bank size. Because there is some overlap between the 40mm and 44mm case sizes, the number of band sizes rises to 18.

Sept 21, 2018 – UPDATE New Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch Series 4 is what the original Apple Watch should have been. It is jam-packed with exciting new features such as a bigger screen, a louder speaker, LTE support, a faster processor, and an ECG sensor. It is the first Apple Watch worth buying. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) starts at $399 (US) and Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $499, both featuring the updated design and new health features.

Sept 12, 2018 – UPDATE For Apple Watch 4:

Apple is all set to unveil the new Apple Watch Series 4 today, September 12, at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s campus in Cupertino. If you haven’t been invited, don’t worry – you can watch the whole show live over the web. See our guide on how to watch live stream of Apple’s event.

Aug 30, 2018 – UPDATE:

Apple Watch Series 4 just got leaked ahead of official launch, courtesy of 9to5Mac – here’s the first image of the next-gen Apple Watch:



The Apple Watch Series 4 unveiling seems to be only a few weeks away. Ahead of the official unveiling in September, Apple has filed six new Apple Watch model numbers with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The filings confirm that the Apple Watch Series 4 is just around the corner. Technology companies are legally required to obtain the EEC’s permission before they could sell any encrypted devices in Belarus, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Will Apple Watch 4 ditch the non-LTE version this year?

Interestingly, Apple has filed for only six new Apple Watch model numbers this year compared to eight model numbers last year. In 2017, the eight model numbers were for two screen sizes, three different case materials, and whether the watches had cellular support or not. Given that only six models have been filed for this time, Apple could be planning to get rid of certain models.

So, which models would Apple ditch this year? It could kill the Apple Watch Edition or the non-LTE aluminum model. If Apple drops the non-LTE model, cellular connectivity will become a default feature on this year’s Apple Watch.

The EEC filings did not reveal the specific hardware details, but they did mention that all six models were running watchOS 5, which is currently in beta. The six new Apple Watch model numbers are: A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008. Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 4 along with three new iPhones at its September event. The launch event will most likely be held on September 12.

In the past, similar EEC filings were submitted for the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 2018 iPad, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apple has traditionally filed for these products only a few weeks before their debut. So, the latest Apple Watch EEC filings present credible proof that the new models are almost here.

Apple Watch Bands

As if the filings didn’t offer sufficient proof, Reddit user ScaniaCB80 has discovered that the tech giant has removed multiple Apple Watch bands, and some bands are “sold out” on The iPhone maker traditionally updates the Watch bands with new styles and colors with each new generation of Apple Watch. We have seen similar shortages of Apple Watch bands in previous years right before new bands were unveiled.

According to MacRumors, as many as 14 Apple Watch bands have been removed from Apple’s online store. A variety of others are marked ‘Sold Out’ ahead of the September refresh. When a band is temporarily out of stock, Apple uses the wording ‘Currently Unavailable.’ But the ‘Sold Out’ wording suggests that these bands aren’t coming back.

Apple Watch Series 4 rumored price and specs

It’s unclear how much the new Apple Watch Series 4 models would cost. Currently, the non-LTE Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329 while the LTE variant has a price tag of $399. If Apple is indeed dropping the non-cellular version this year, the Apple Watch Series 4 could start at $399 for the smaller size.

According to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, the Apple Watch Series 4 would sport 15% larger displays compared to the previous generation. It means the new Watch will be available in 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch screen sizes. Apple could increase the screen size either by reducing the bezels around the display or by making the devices larger. Twitter tipster Ben Geskin says it will employ the former method.

Kuo claims the upcoming Apple Watch will also pack a bigger battery to enhance the battery life. There are also rumors that the Series 4 could get Apple’s new MicroLED display that offers better energy efficiency than current Watch display panels. However, its production cost is said to be up to six times higher than OLED Apple Watch screens. Even if Apple manages to introduce MicroLED screens this year, they could be limited to the more expensive stainless steel or Edition models.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is also said to support the Qi wireless charging method, allowing customers to use any Qi wireless charger to charge it. Other expected features include at least 16GB of base storage and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity rather than Bluetooth 4.2. Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models also come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. We should also expect the new Apple Watch to have a faster processor.

Apple is increasingly focusing on health tracking

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 4 would focus heavily on health and fitness tracking. It would offer improved heart-rate monitoring and UV sun exposure tracking. Apple is also working on non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology that would work without breaking the skin. But it’s still some time away.

The Series 4 Apple Watch could also offer enhanced sleep tracking. The sleep-tracking features would come from Apple’s acquisition of Beddit, which analyzes data such as sleep efficiency, sleep time, snoring, respiration, heart rate, room temperature, body movement, and room humidity.

May 23, 2018 UPDATE:

Considering that Apple has been releasing an Apple Watch every year since it debuted back in 2018, it’s realistic to expect that we should see an Apple Watch Series 4 in the near future.

Coming alongside the Apple Watch Series 4 will be WatchOS 5 that will offer some adjustments to an already smooth operating system and further establishing the Apple Watch as the top device when it comes to smart watches.

A recently reported rumor suggests that some code has been found that makes it seem as if the Apple Watch Series 4 could feature custom watch faces – similar to the way that this feature is found on competing devices. If they were to include this feature, it would make the Series 4 a serious upgrade and offer some much-needed customization to a watch that has remained very much the same.

Customization and improve features

While this is simply a line of code that suggests the custom watch faces may be coming, the internet has been excited about an Apple Watch Series 4 that may be able to offer something new to the Apple ecosystem. While Apple devices are certainly premium technology, the platform is notoriously locked down when it comes to customization – something they could potentially change with the Apple Watch’s next iteration.

Also worth noting in this update is a statement from reliable industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that suggests the Apple Watch Series 4 will launch in the third quarter of this year as well as featuring a 15 percent larger display, longer battery life, and better health tracking.

All in all, the addition of these features plus the custom watch faces should make the Apple Watch Series 4 a clear buy – even for those  currently using a previous generation of the device. While the Watch series failed to capture the attention of the market when it first released, it has since become the go-to premium fitness tracker and smart watch in the industry.

Feb 8, 2018 UPDATE:

It seems that Apple has decided to further embrace its Force Touch technology in the Apple Watch Series 4. Force Touch already forms part of the smartwatch range, but the latest reports indicate that the Apple Watch Series 4 release will come complete with a Force Touch Digital Crown.

Leaked patents give details of a ‘force-detecting input structure’ that will obviously have a big impact on the functionality of the forthcoming smartwatch.

Patent application number 20180024683, published by Fletcher Rothkopf, ‎Director of Product Design, Technology Investigation at Apple, outlines an intriguing new innovation.

Apple Watch Series 4

The patent details “an input mechanism, such as a crown, detects amounts of applied force. In various examples, an assembly including an input mechanism has an enclosure; a stem coupled to the enclosure such that the stem is rotatable, translatable, and transversely movable with respect to the enclosure”.

While Force Touch is already utilized in the Apple Watch display, the gesture-based technology will now seemingly form part of the digital crown as well.

With previous Apple Watch releases having arrived in September, it is expected that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be unveiled in the ninth month of the year once more.

Although Apple released a revoluationary iPhone X device in 2017, early rumors on the 2018 iPhone release suggest that there will be an outstanding handsets to accompany the fourth generation smartwatch, with Apple unwilling to simply push out an upgraded version of the iPhone X.

Most Independent Release

However, reports from closely Apple supply chain have suggested that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the most independent release in this series as of yet. Early Apple Watch devices were criticized for the extent to which they needed to be tethered to an attendant iPhone, but Apple has worked hard to ensure that this isn’t the case with more recent Apple Watch releases.

One recent report has suggested that the Apple Watch Series 4 may embrace a round-faced design. However, this is very much a rumor at present, and it is highly unlikely that this would completely replace the standard Apple Watch design that has been prevalent over the last few years.

But a smart wristband is highly likely to form part of the Apple Watch Series 4, with Apple having filed numerous patents pointing to this technology.

Modular technology has also been linked with the smartphone, with patents indicating that different modules will be able to house speakers, batteries, biometric sensors such as blood pressure monitors and sweat sensors, haptic feedback devices, and other tech.

This will effectively make every Apple Watch Series 4 fully customisable, and is likely to be a major selling point of the next generation smartwatch.

On the design front, it is widely anticipated that Apple will slim down at the Series 4 further still, as has been its wont with other mobile technology.

Pricing will be key with the Apple Watch Series 4, but we should probably expect a small increase over the last generation of the smartwatch.

Dec 28, 2017 UPDATE:

New reports on the Apple Watch Series 4 suggest that the smartwatch will feature an improved heart rate tracker.

The improvement in this feature will result in the Apple Watch Series 4 being an EKG quality monitor; a big plus point for the series.

EKG is an abbreviation of electrocardiograph, an item of medical equipment that enables doctors to identify heart irregularities, providing protection against debilitating conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

The technology for this feature will be embedded within the strap of the Apple Watch Series 4, as had been the case with a previous peripheral manufactured by Kardia.


Nov 20, 2017 UPDATE:

The future direction of the Apple Watch series is of increasing importance to Apple, as sales figures indicate that the smartwatch is becoming a viable product for the consumer electronics giant. Apple has already achieved formidable market share with the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Series 4 should advance this further still.

Apps to be upgraded

Many smartwatch fans are wondering what Apple will produce with the Series 4, and some recent news provides us with some interesting indication. The Californian corporation has recently shared a news update, which encourages developers to upgrade their Apple Watch apps for the forthcoming watchOS 4.

It seems that Apple is ready to renew its smartwatch-focused operating system, with the manufacturer also stating that watchOS 1 apps will no longer be accepted next year. This means that the Apple Watch Series 4 will have an emphasis on new and exciting software, which will certainly be welcome considering that the Apple Watch range took some time to get going.

Apple has noted that some of the older items of software for its smartwatch operating system can hinder system performance quite significantly. And the Californian incorporation is encouraging technology talent to participate in the updating of their the new platform.

While previous versions of the Apple smartwatch operating system have delivered significant improvements in his speed of operation, it is believed that watchOS 4 will up the ante still further.

Background modes and other features

Aside from the improved performance, Apple has noted that the new operating system will feature new background modes for navigation and audio recording, and built-in altimeter capabilities, direct connections to accessories with Core Bluetooth. This all new functionality can be expected for the Apple Watch Series 4 as well, as Apple looks to ensure that its smartwatch is a mainstream product.

Apple has also set an April 1 deadline for releasing applications for the next-generation Apple Watch Series 4, as it looks to standardize the way that software works on the smartwatch platform.

Sales growth

The policies of the consumer electronics giant with regard to be smartwatch seem to have been hugely successful, as sales of the Apple Watch have grown 50 percent in the last twelve months. While the consumer electronics giant has been reluctant to reveal exact numbers for wearables, its latest earnings call indicates that the popularity of the Apple Watch has grown quite considerably.

In particular, the cellular LTE Apple Watch Series 3 has proved popular with consumers, with demand outstripping supply. This suggests that one of the major new features of the third generation smartwatch has been a resounding success, meaning that Apple may consider other advanced functionality for the Apple Watch Series 4.

China syndrome

Apple will also look to enter the Chinese marketplace with the Apple Watch Series 4, as the smartwatch series is currently disabled in the world’s most populous nation. Once this problem is resolved, Apple anticipates massive demand for the Apple Watch from Chinese consumers, and this could potentially double the number of Apple Watch units consumed worldwide.

Nov 9, 2017 UPDATE:

Fans of smartwatches are eagerly awaiting any news on the Apple Watch Series 4, and a recent software release may give us an interesting insight into the forthcoming device. The latest watchOS 4.1 update has recently gone live, and some of the features included in this software iteration could provide us with clues to the fourth Apple Watch release.

Apple Watch Series 4
Image source: Apple

New music

Firstly, a new radio system will let Apple Watch users benefit from custom Apple music stations, with the most obvious example being the highly publicized Beats 1. This is indicative of the music focus that Apple has implemented over the last couple of years, and this is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

Another update of particular relevance to the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to access music tracks more easily with Siri. An increasing amount of functionality is being built into the personal assistant, and this is indicative of the fact that Apple will hope to improve its AI system for the Apple Watch Series 4 release.

And the new app also allows direct LTE streaming of music to compatible Apple Watch models, something that will definitely be expanded further still when the Apple Watch Series 4 is released. With Wi-Fi and cellular access now available to the 40 million tracks held on Apple music, the smartwatch certainly provides a credible music playback system.

Health links

Another interesting item of news which also gives indication of the future direction of the Apple Watch Series 4 relates to health tracking. Aetna, the massive health insurer, is handy out over 500,000 Apple Watch units to customers, in an initiative that aims to strengthen its health partnership with Apple.

While health tracking already being a significant focus of the Apple Watch range, it is believed that the Apple Watch Series 4 will build on this significantly. The major innovation of the third-generation Apple Watch was the inclusion of LTE, which seriously improved the functionality of the smartwatch. Apple must find something new to headline the fourth generation smartwatch, and it is believed that health tracking could be this item.

Control Center improvements

It is also suggested that the Control Center may get a makeover for the Apple Watch Series 4, with a special version of the software feature released for the smartwatch. What precisely this entails remains to be seen, but sources close to the Apple supply chain have suggested that the consumer electronics giant is already working on this aspect of the watchOS software.

Apple has undoubtedly strengthened its position in the smartwatch marketplace with recent releases, and the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the defining smartwatch release of another niche that Apple has come to dominate.

November 2, 2017 UPDATE:

The Apple Watch Series 4 could benefit from the Face ID technology which has become a fixture in the iPhone range. This is the opinion of renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, who is also known for particularly specializing in Apple products.

Touch ID to go

Although Apple has offered its explicit support for Touch ID for the foreseeable future, this system is also expected to be ditched in the coming years. Indeed, Apple executives have indicated that the future direction of the corporation is towards making Face ID ubiquitous.

StockSnap / Pixabay

Touch ID has featured on every smartphone since the iPhone 5S, but its days may be numbered, as Kuo indicates that the Apple Watch Series 4 will benefit from Face ID functionality.

“We believe this change will allow all new models to realize a competitive advantage via differentiation, on the back of an integrated user experience of full-screen design and TrueDepth Camera/Facial recognition/Face ID/AR applications,” Kuo commented in an investor note.

However, despite the prediction of this credible source, it is important to note that Apple will face technical problems in introducing Face ID to its smartwatch series. This would require the Apple Watch Series 4 to include an on-board camera, something that hasn’t occurred in the previous versions of the device.

Convenient unlocking

Nonetheless, Face ID would obviously be a useful addition to the armory of the Apple Watch range, enabling users to unlock the smartwatch in the most convenient and natural way. If Face ID was included then it would only be necessary to glance at one’s watch in order to unlock it.

One of the key indicators regarding the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the watchOS 5 operating system. This is expected to launch ahead of the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, which will most likely be in September 2018. The latest Apple Watch launched alongside the iPhone 8, and there is no particular reason to believe that the situation will change next year.

Apple Watch Edition

With mobile data and standalone calling having been included in the last Apple Watch release, we can reasonably expect the Apple Watch Series 4 to be somewhat more conservative. Additionally, Apple is expected to follow the pricing policy that it has instigated over the last Apple Watch generation, meaning that the once extravagant Apple Watch Edition version of the smartwatch will be conspicuous by its absence, replaced by a much more affordable model around the $1,000 mark.

Originally, the Apple Watch Edition had been seen as a rival for luxury brands suck as Rolex, but the smartwatch has now settled into a different branding position. Today, the Apple Watch is viewed as a product for young people, with a a fitness-tracking ethos as its core.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will move the smartwatch series forward further still after the Apple Watch 3 was well received. Certainly the Apple Watch has become the world’s most recognizable smartwatch extremely rapidly; nothing new for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) considering its power and influence in the technology sphere.

Apple Watch Series 4
Image By Sheeraz Raza

But in common with most devices in the world of gadgets, the Apple Watch 3 is far from perfect, meaning that the Apple Watch Series 4 still has significant room for improvement. Many consumers will recognize the value of improving this smartwatch, as it currently does a great deal extremely well, yet still lacks a view key areas of functionality.

Release date

Firstly, we can probably expect the Apple Watch Series 4 to be released in September 2018. Although the Apple Watch release schedule has been less consistent than other Apple products, there is no reason to believe that it will be brought out any earlier than this year’s effort. It is probable that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be announced at the iPhone 9 unveiling event, ahead of a similar release date.


It is likely that Apple will freeze the price of the Apple Watch Series 4 from the current generation, meaning that the smartwatch will retail at $329 in the United States. This price tag is for the small 38mm version of the wristwatch, with other models also available.

Having said that, consumers should be wary of the fact that the Apple Watch 3 was released a lower price point than the Apple Watch 2, so with extra features also embedded in the fourth generation it would not be hugely surprising if there was a mild price increase.

Self-adjusting strap

One of the key features being linked with the Apple Watch Series 4 is a self-adjusting strap that would make the smartwatch a more convenient device. Indeed, Apple has already patented this technology, which features an expanding mechanism which has the potential to contract the strap as required.

This would not only improve the comfort of the smartwatch, but also help ensure that sensors on the watch are able to acquire accurate readings for some of its key features. This would correlate neatly with another patent that is in the public domain for an Apple wearable device that has the ability to measure your respiration rate.

Circular face

Apple has also previously patented a smartwatch design featuring a circular face, and it wouldn’t be hugely surprising if this saw the light of day with the Apple Watch Series 4 release. A circular face certainly seems more natural for a watch, even if the Apple Watch design is now easily recognizable all over the world.

However, Apple has shown absolutely no intention to alter the design of the Apple Watch Series 4 thus far, and is notorious for producing large number of patents that never actually appear in products.

Apple Watch Series 4 features

Many of the features from the Apple Watch will undoubtedly be retained when the Apple Watch Series 4 is released. This, we can expect LTE connectivity, GPS, a heart rate monitor, a waterproof build and a premium construction with a square screen. It is probable that even if Apple does introduce an Apple Watch with a circular face in the Series IV generation that the square design will also be retained as a purchasing option.

It is also probable that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be made available in the two sizes that were included in the apple what’s three release. This, I expect 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watched series for devices to be made available, while the Apple Pay contactless payment system will also make an appearance once more.

This all adds up to another powerful smartwatch Contender, but what new features will also be included?


Firstly, Apple will include a new S for chipset in the Apple Watch Series 4, which will ensure that the smartwatch is a more powerful performer. It is also likely hat the Apple Watch 4 will run watchOS 5, Although Apple has yet to even begin working on this software system.

Android compatibility

Some sources have suggested that the Apple Watch Series 4 could deliver Android compatibility in order to make it a more flexible performer. This would be somewhat surprising considering that Apple has never exactly been enthusiastic about opening up its own operating system, let alone enabling its products to be compatible with other OS releases.

Battery life of Apple Watch Series 4

However, one area where Apple is likely to be beavering away is the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4, which must surely be improved over the previous generation of the smartwatch. While the Apple Watch certainly had a better battery life than the earlier releases in the range, it still runs out of charge rather rapidly. Surely a wristwatch needs to last for three days at least on a single charge.

Apple Watch Series 4’s improved performance

While the Apple Watch 3 is an improvement on previous releases, it is still not quite as slick as many consumers would wish. Loading applications on the smartwatch can be a little sluggish, and the next-generation release must surely address this to make the Apple Watch Series 4 a more convenient device.

Whether the specs of the Apple Watch Series 4 could be increased in order to achieve this remains to be seen, but a little extra RAM and processing power certainly wouldn’t go amiss.