Apple Watch Series 3: Tim Cook Seen Testing Blood Sugar Tracker

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We’ve been hearing for quite some time that the Apple Watch could one day sport various health-related sensors like one to track the wearer’s blood sugar, but as with any rumor, it’s always best to take it with a grain of salt until there’s some real evidence. After all, these rumors have been around since before the original watch was released, and now we’re waiting to see the Apple Watch Series 3.

But now there’s a report that Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently seen testing some sort of blood sugar tracker. It seems the company may be further along on its development of such trackers than we realize.

Tim Cook tests blood sugar tracking device

CNBC reports that an unnamed source saw Tim Cook wearing a prototype blood sugar tracker on his Apple Watch. The source said he was testing it while on the Apple Campus. He also reportedly spoke to a roomful of University of Glasgow students in February when he was there to receive an honorary degree from the university.

However, all he said was that he had been “wearing a continuous glucose monitor for a few weeks.” He didn’t say whether it was a prototype Apple was working on or if it was a medical device made by companies that specialize in such devices, such as Dexcom or Medtronic. He explained that he had taken it off just before leaving to go on the trip.

Apple committed to health

Tim Cook also reportedly told the students that the blood sugar tracker gave him a fuller understanding of the ways his own blood glucose responds to the specific foods he eats. He was able to use the tracker to make adjustments to his diet so that his blood sugar would be steadier.

While at the University of Glasgow, the Apple chief again expressed the iPhone maker’s commitment to the health industry and spoke about the types of struggles diabetics face on a daily basis. He explained that constant monitoring can help a patient instantly see how the food they’re eating is affecting their blood sugar and make an adjustment even before they become diabetic.

Tim Cook is widely known to have a personal interest in health and wellness. He exercises frequently and has been focused on losing weight as well.

Will the blood sugar tracker make it into the Apple Watch Series 3?

At this point, it sounds like Tim Cook was wearing a gadget that was attached to his Apple Watch, although CNBC doesn’t make it very clear. But the fact that they do have a working prototype suggests that the technology could make it into the Apple Watch Series 3. However, we won’t know for certain until the company shows off the next edition of its wearable.

It was reported in April that Apple had a secret team dedicated to coming up with technology that can continuously track blood sugar in a non-invasive manner. Currently, the common practice for blood glucose monitoring requires diabetics to test their blood, often by pricking their finger and using a specialized tester, although newer devices are starting to be developed. Companies are racing to come up with a solution that’s easy and less painful, but Apple may already be in the lead.

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