Apple Watch To Connect With Gym Machines Via New GymKit Software

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When you go to the gym for a workout, how often do you take the time to input your height, weight, and age, into the machine? Probably not very often, if ever. That means the feedback you receive from the machine about the number of calories you have burned, and your current heart rate, are not as accurate as they could be.

Apple has come up with a new way to interface with the machines using your Apple Watch and a piece of software called GymKit.

The system has been demoed at the FitnessFirst gym in Australia. GymKit has also been launched there this week. GymKit works by integrating popular gym equipment like bicycles, treadmills, and rowing machines, with the Apple Watch. The gym equipment connect to the Apple Watch using NFC and start transferring data between the exercise machine and the Apple Watch.

How Does The Apple Watch & GymKit Benefit Gym Goers?

The idea of this system is to effortlessly communicate your specifics with the gym equipment, ensuring you get the most accurate information regarding your heart rate and the amount of calories which you have burned.

Like we covered earlier, people rarely spend the time it takes to input their weight, height, and age into the gym machines. But, if you just needed to step on the machine and your Apple Watch automatically communicated your details to the machine, then you get accurate results without any extra hassle. You’ll still just be able to hit the “Quick Start” button, and be sure you’re getting accurate results for your calories burned and accurate measurements of your heart rate.

Apparently, once your workout is finished, any personal data communicated by your Apple Watch is wiped from the machine.

Where Are These GymKit Compatible Machines Available To Use?

At the moment, FitnessFirst in Australia is the only gym which offers this equipment. But it will be expanding to more gyms and more countries in the coming months. The equipment compatible with GymKit is currently being developed by several companies, including Life Fitness, Schwinn, TechnoGym, StairMaster, and more.

As with anything Apple related, it doesn’t take long before everybody is on board and making use of the new device, features, or software.

Great For The Health and Fitness App

Of course, it doesn’t end with simply getting accurate heart rate and calories burned data. The machines also sync your workouts with your health and fitness app, making it easier for you track what workouts you have done, when, for how long, how fast you were running, and many other useful bits of information.

Earlier this year, Apple replaced Fitbit as the top wearable company in the world. It looks like they are not letting this opportunity go to waste.


This is another great win for Apple and their Health and Fitness goals. I can imagine that many gyms are already looking to replace their current equipment with new equipment which is compatible with GymKit. Why wouldn’t they? Lot’s of people rely on the Apple Watch for measurements when they’re working out, and if your watch can seamlessly connect with your gym equipment, showing you the same accurate metrics, then it’s got to be a good thing.

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