Apple Unveils iOS 6 With 200 New Features

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Some rumors in this tech industry come true. Apple, at its World Wide Developer’s Conference keynote has announced iOS 6. This new iOS comes with 200 new features, according to the company.

Apple Unveils iOS 6 With 200 New Features


The first thing that Apple showcased is the Siri. Siri is just 8 months old but it has gained much popularity during this short span of time. Siri is integrated in iOS 6. Siri is smart, but now its made more smarter. It can now bring in-depth sports score, improved restaurant search and reservation with the help of OpenTable and partnership with Rotten Tomato for movie trailers and times. Siri can now even run apps. You simply need to say “Play Temple Run” and it will launch the game.

Eyes Free

iOS 6 comes with a new “Eyes Free” feature. Auto makers can integrate a button into their cars that activates Siri. This is done so that you look less on the phone and more on the road. Various car manufacturers like GM, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda vehicles have agreed to offer this button in their cars. By pressing just a button, you can activate Siri. According to Apple, this feature can be delivered within the next 12 months.

More Language Support

iOS 6 features support for tons of additional languages like Chinese, Cantonese, Italian and Korean. Chinese users are offered a new Chinese dictionary, as well as support for Baidu (a popular Chinese search engine) in Safari.

Facebook Integration

iOS 6 is tight integrated with Facebook. Now you can quickly share your location, Game center notifications and post much more to Facebook. Facebook will also be tied into Notification Center.

Facetime Calls Over Cellular

As we know that iPhone users cannot place Facetime calls over cellular networks as they need to rely on Wi-Fi connection for doing this. But now with iOS 6, users can now place a Facetime video chat call over cellular networks.


Safari is updated in iOS 6, which now has the ability to read articles offline. Safari is also updated with iCloud Tabs which syncs your tabs across all your devices. Just press the button and see what tabs are open on your other iDevice. Another new feature is the unified search on Safari, just like the search bar on Google Chrome.


Apple has ditched Google Maps and now offers its own mapping solution. This new map supports 3D rendering, traffic view, Yelp integration, 100 million business listings, turn-by-turn navigation and more. This map application surely seems to be promising at this stage.

Guided Access

The new iOS 6 includes a feature that is known as “Guided Access”. With this feature, users can disable exiting an app so that the student (or a kid with no knowledge of what he’s doing) can run only one application, instead of using other apps on the iPhone. It may be possible that a person doesn’t want his kid to access his files/music/video and that’s where he can just lock on one app, preventing unauthorized usage of other apps.


iOS will come with a new application – Passbook. This app allows user to store cards, organize tickets and do much more. This app is also location aware, which means that when you’re near Starbucks, the lockscreen can bring up your Starbucks card.

Availability and Supported Devices

iOS 6 is available for developers from today. It will start shipping this Fall. Supported devices include iPhone 3GS and upwards, second and third generation of iPad and fourth generation of iPod Touch.

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