Apple Store Down Ahead of ‘Watch’ Event

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In preparation for the upcoming Apple Watch announcement, the Cupertino-based tech giant’s online store is currently down. The page displays the following message: “We’ll be back. We’re busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon.”

Apple confirms it is updating the store, which most likely means the highly anticipated Apple Watch is being added. Today’s big announcement is expected to unveil the pricing and availability details for the device. The company will hold a live stream event for its Spring Forward announcement.

Quartz’s Dan Frommer recently shared a post with a rundown of what we can expect from today’s big event. Apple will likely start the event with a reminder of the watch’s basic features to give potential buyers a look at what the product is and why they should consider making the purchase. Although highlights such as fitness tracking and timekeeping will most likely be re-hashed, the company’s executives will probably discuss other features such as a remote control feature that works for iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple is also expected to address pricing details of the device. The new smartwatch starts at $349, but with a range of styles and other customization features, the average selling price will probably become much higher. Another important factor Apple will likely address during today’s big event is market availability. Apple will most likely launch the device in the United States, United Kingdom and China first.

The new Apple Watch will run on iOS and is set to have a wide range of apps to choose from. The iPhone maker already tapped app developers to create new apps for the wearable, and the event will most likely reveal more details on some of the new apps. Apple already hosted over 100 third-party developers at its headquarters in the past month. It is expected that Apple will put a focus on many third-party apps during today’s event.

Apple may also discuss a store makeover to help market its stylish new watches. Executive designer Jony Ive recently told New York Magazine that the company was working on a new design for retail stores.


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