Apple Watch Event Live Streaming: Where To Look

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A new Apple release gets tongues wagging like no other company in consumer electronics, and the Apple Watch is sure to create a buzz when it goes on sale. The first ever smartwatch from Apple is expected to generate a huge amount of publicity when it is finally released, and many analysts believe that it will ensure that smartwatches become a mainstream technology.

Spring Forward

There has been a huge amount of speculation regarding what will be included in the watch, but the wait to finally find out what Apple’s smartwatch will actually be like is nearly over. Apple will be holding a ‘Spring Forward‘ Apple Watch event live stream on March 9, and this will reveal the Apple Watch to an expectant public.

However, before discussing where to watch this particular event, it is also worth pointing out that the Spring Forward showcase might not be merely limited to the Apple Watch. There are other possible device releases to be announced during the event, and it could be a feast for Apple fans to enjoy.

New Apple products

Aside from the Apple Watch, the Retina MacBook Air and iPad Pro are possible devices which could be unveiled during the event. A Retina MacBook Air has been predicted, as Apple has recently gone about the process of increasing resolution in all of its traditional computing devices. The recent Retina iMac is the first ever desktop computer with a 5K resolution, and it has been predicted that Apple will match the sleekness of the MacBook Air range with a jaw dropping screen resolution.

Additionally, ValueWalk has discussed the iPad Pro previously, and this is another device which it has been assumed will arrive at some point in 2015. Apple moved to update its portfolio of tablet computers in 2014, after the tablet market slowed down somewhat, and the addition of a top of the range device would seem to supplement this process.

Some Apple observers have also suggested that the MacBook Pro could be updated. For many, this high-quality laptop still remains by far the best on the market, and it has certainly been hugely commercially and critically successful for Apple. But the last version of the MacBook Pro was released in December 2013, and Apple usually likes to update its product lines at least once every two years.

So if Apple does showcase a new tablet, two new laptops and a new smartwatch during this event then it will represent a very aggressive approach that will dominate the second quarter of the consumer electronics landscape. This may be viewed as necessary at Apple HQ with Samsung launching a very impressive new Galaxy S6, along with the attendant Galaxy S6 Edge model.

Aside from the revelation of the Apple Watch, it is possible that Apple will also reveal pricing. The Apple watch is quite a unique device for Apple given that numerous different models of the watch are apparently to be released, and consumers are currently in the dark regarding the pricing of these configurations.

Apple live stream

But where can you watch the unveiling of the Apple Watch and cast your eyes over the first ever Apple smartwatch? The best place to do this is via Apple’s own events page. Unfortunately, you’re going to need an Apple device in order to do so; due to the massive demand for this event, Apple limits access to people who have already purchased, and have access to, one of its devices.

Additionally, don’t think that you can just utilize any browser! You need to be running the Apple Safari browser in order to view this event, and there are specific details regarding exactly which browsers can be used. You need to be use Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later, Safari on iOS 6.0 or later, or Apple TV software 6.2 or later on a second or third-generation Apple TV, in order to view Spring Forward.

Unfortunately, this does rule out several other Apple devices. So if you’re relying on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or early versions of Apple TV then it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to watch this event live. While Apple’s slightly restrictive approach to the Spring Forward event may be irritating for many, it should be borne in mind that demand to view it will be simply staggering. Apple is essentially just trying to ensure that the whole thing doesn’t crash completely.

Live blogs

If it’s not possible for you to access the Apple website, then the next best option is probably to log on to one of the many live blogs that will be covering the event. Wherever you are in the world, this should be possible, as an Apple unveiling is such big news that pretty much every national newspaper and media outlet will cover it to some degree.

There isn’t long to wait to finally peek at the hotly anticipated Apple Watch, and it is clear that Apple expects huge interest in its maiden smartwatch.

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