Apple Inc. Started In A Garage Is A ‘Myth’: Wozniak

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Apple was not founded in a garage, said Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak. He finally made time to sit down with Reddit for a video interview and answered some good and vigorous questions. The belief that Apple originated in a garage was partly a myth, Wozniak made it clear.

Apple started in a garage a ‘myth’

The commonly-held belief that Wozniak and Steve Jobs spent most of their time making products in a garage was dispelled by the former. He told Reddit that it is accurate to say that they had a humble start.

“And when you have a humble start, and you have no money, your friends from high school are the ones doing it with you and you’re in your house,” the cofounder said.

Wozniak revealed that not even once was a product discussed in a garage, and they talked about the features, the design or anything about the product in other places.

“We did them a lot of other places, but people thought we had a garage with people sitting around in it.”

Wozniak told the website that he had worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP) and pitched the idea of the personal computer first. His idea was turned down six times, but then Jobs encouraged them to develop a PC board.

Apple Watch lineup is “too complicated”

In the interview, Wozniak said he was brought up in a time when communist “Russia under Stalin was thought to be, everybody is spied on, everybody is looked into, every little thing can get you secretly thrown into prison.”

Wozniak said that twice in his time, he had written things that could have been viruses, but he threw away every bit of the source codes as he realized they could be dangerous, and if any code in an Apple product allows people in, then bad people can find about it too.

Praising Tim Cook, Wozniak said Cook is handling Apple well and is continuing the active tradition Jobs was known for. Furthermore, he thinks that the Apple Watch lineup has flaws. How can the 20 watches range from $500 to $1,100 with the main difference being the band? complains Wozniak, who wears an Apple Watch daily.

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