Apple Redesigns Windows Logo, But Why?

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Apple is known for its premium devices and sleek designs, and now the company has used its skills in redesigning the logo for its new friend Microsoft. It is interesting to note that Microsoft did not ask Apple for this help, but the iPhone maker did it of its own accord.

Why a redesigned Windows logo?

Microsoft’s redesigned logo is not very impressive though. Why Apple chose to come up with its own variant of the Windows logo is inexplicable. Apple’s Windows logo is placed next to the logo on the support page. Szifon, a Hungarian tech blog, was the first to spot the Windows logo on Apple’s website. Szifon then shared that strange-looking logo on Facebook, and allegedly, it’s been live since May 25.

Apple and Microsoft have partnered for the Office apps, and considering this, it seems a bit strange that the Cupertino-based company would pull a fast one on Microsoft. Speculations are that Apple is trying to indicate that it does not want to display a competitor’s logo. There does exist a minuscule possibility that Microsoft has designed a logo for Apple-specific products to distinguish them from other current offerings but that this has not announced yet. Another possibility is that Apple is trying to troll Microsoft with its oddball logo.

No comments have been made on this topic as yet by Apple and Microsoft.

Is Apple taking revenge on Microsoft?

Microsoft has launched some pranks in the past against its Cupertino-based rival, and Apple’s gimmick is nowhere close to those. The first prank that comes to mind is a September 2013 ad, which was launched with an intention to make fun of Apple. The ad was named “A fly on the wall in Cupertino?” and showed an employee meeting at Apple.

In the meeting, one employee says, “We’re gonna give the people what they want, we’re giving them the finger,” and the other employee adds to it, “print, fingerprint Touch ID.” Microsoft decided to pull down the ad shortly after admitting that such an ad was “off the mark.” However, the company did not stop there and made fun of Apple devices such as MacBooks and iPhones with its later commercials, says a report from Softpedia.

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