Google – New Logo vs. Old Logo

Search engine giant Google has redesigned its logo for the sixth time in its history. The revised multi-colored logo features the same mix of red, blue, yellow and green colors that Google has been using for over a decade. Despite the same basic color scheme, the new logo is dramatically different. It is probably Google’s biggest logo redesign since 1999 when the company dropped the exclamation point from its name..

Google invents new typeface for its logo

The new logo was created by designers who worked on the new Android “Material Design” along with those from Google’s Creative Lab. The redesigned logo is flatter, and the hues are slightly different shades. Google has discarded the Serif typeface in favor of a new Product Sans that is pretty basic and uses a schoolbook printing style.

Google Icon Small

The Mountain View-based company has also changed the appearance of the letter “g” that it uses as shorthand logo on smaller screens of mobile devices. The letter “g” is no longer in lowercase and white. Instead, it is now in capital and displayed in color. A string of dots also shows up when one of Google’s services is performing a task or when a spoken command for information is being processed.

Why did Google change its logo?

The company said in a blog post that the logo redesign was an attempt to keep up with the changing way people are accessing the Internet. The previous logo was built for a single desktop browser page. But the new one provides a more versatile identity suitable for seamless computing across desktops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and different kinds of inputs (such as talk, type, and tap).

The move comes less than a month after Google’s surprise reorganization under a newly-formed parent company called Alphabet. After the shake-up, the search business, YouTube, and Android will remain under the Google brand. But its newer businesses like robotics, research and investment arms will operate as separate parts of Alphabet.

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