Apple Products Unite Young Filmmakers With Creative Pros In Workshop

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Apple is highlighting a film project which has brought emerging filmmaking talent together with creative professionals for a month-long workshop. Several Apple products play starting roles in the effort with the three creative teams taking part in the workshop being given the opportunity to work with Apple’s MacBook Pro, Final Cut Pro and iMac. They’re also getting to work with the RED Raven camera and other high-tech gadgets designed for filmmaking, and the Apple Retail team provided expertise to guide the emerging filmmakers through the post-production process.

Apple spotlights emerging talent in LA film community

In a press release, Apple focused on the use of its products in the making of the short film The Box, which a team of filmmakers from Hollywood High School shot at Calgary Cemetery. The film tells the story of a boy who climbs inside a cardboard box and suddenly discovers that he’s been transported to another realm.

To shoot the film, the teenaged filmmakers set out rows of “flat, black camera cases holding DIT stations, iPads and MacBook Pros,” Apple stated in its press release. Seventeen-year-old director Celine Gimpirea led the creative effort, and her team is one of three filmmaking teams taking part in a filmmaking workshop that’s “connecting creative professionals with emerging talent,” the iPhone maker said.

Apple products used in filmmaking workshops

The company said that Apple Retail experts and professionals who work in the creative industry all worked with the young emerging filmmakers. Indie filmmaking collective We Make Movies, which is based in Los Angeles, also participated in the workshop by providing post-production supervision aimed at enabling the emergent filmmakers to “realize their visions.”

The post-production period lasted two weeks, and the filmmaking teams were able to work with creative professionals from Apple Retail. A series of mentors and surprise guests provided feedback to the emergent creative talent covering various aspects of the filmmaking process. Each of the participants has been an innovator in their own area of film or TV production.

Apple Retail professionals showcased how Apple products such as Final Cut Pro could be used to rearrange and quickly review clips from each scene that was shot. The iPhone maker emphasized that Final Cut Pro made this tax much easier by automatically organizing the metadata from each of the clips after they were imported from Final Cut Pro X from Lumberjack and Shot Notes X. Teams also used Sync-N-Link X to insert secondary source audio, skipping what could otherwise become a days-long hand-syncing project.

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