iPhone 8, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 3, Glasses: Apple Products For 2017

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2017 promises to be an exciting year for Apple, with several products in the pipeline. So without further ado, here is a rundown on the most exciting Apple devices that may see the light of day over the next 12 months.

iPhone 8

The iPhone range is always a highlight of any calendar year, but this should be particularly true in 2017 when the iPhone 8 emerges. This smartphone will mark the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone series, and thus the consumer electronics giant is expected to pack the device with some impressive specs and features.

Expect a new design, improved screen resolution and camera functionality, along with some surprises.

ipad air 3 concept
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iPad Air 3

The iPad Air 3 is probably the most anticipated tablet to be released by Apple in 2017. Reports suggest that this will emerge in the first quarter of the calendar year, possibly in March. Early rumors relating to this template suggest that it will feature a new Apple Pencil, while a 4K resolution display has also been linked with the iPad Air 3. This could also come equipped with 3D Touch technology, making it more user-friendly.

16 GB and 32 GB storage versions are anticipated, with the expected price tag of the iPad Air 3 in the $600 ballpark. There has been no official statement on the iPad Air 3 as of yet, but the existence of the tablet is considered to be a poorly kept secret.

Apple Watch Series 3
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Apple Watch Series 3

Apple continues to work on establishing its Apple Watch as a mainstream device, and with this in mind the Apple Watch Series 3 may well arrive in 2017. This cannot be considered an absolute certainty, considering Apple only released the second version of it smartwatch just last year. But reports have already indicated that the Californian company is considering releasing the third iteration of the Apple Watch in September.

The Apple Watch 3 will retain popular features from the device released last year, such as the Global Positioning System, dual-core processor and water resistance. A range of new models, colous and the straps will also be made available, and it has been suggested that the FaceTime camera for video calls and selfies will finally emerge. Micro-LED panels will also ensure that the display is brighter than previous versions.

airpods release date
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In some respects a relatively minor hardware release, nonetheless many Apple fans are still eagerly awaiting the emergence of AirPods. This earphone system will reportedly deliver convenience, outstanding quality and longer battery life when it is finally released, with the release date possibly in January of next year.

One of the interesting innovations also being linked with AirPods is the ability of the device to turn on and stay connected after a single tap. Another outstanding feature is the Apple W1 chip, which produces extremely efficient wireless for better connection and improved sound.

The Apple AirPods will retail at around $159.

iPhone 8, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 3, Glasses: Apple Products For 2017

iPad Pro 2

The iPad Pro 2 will probably arrive in 2017, with a significant discount over previous models. Reports have suggested that Apple will provide three models at launch, with 9.7-inch and 10-inch versions accompanied by the largest 12.9-inch tablet.

There could also be a bezel-free version of the iPad Pro 2, as Apple is continually linked with producing such edge-to-edge displays. Leaked images also suggest that the tablet will feature 128GB of storage when released.

Expected in March 2017, this will be the premium Apple tablet, and will follow on from the success of previous releases.

Macbook Pro
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Mac Pro

The Apple Mac Pro has not been updated since it was originally announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June 2013. While this will never be a mainstream device, this must nonetheless be somewhat concerning for Apple, considering the existing release is beginning to look rather dated for a state of the art computer.

But code located in the Mac OS X El Capitan OS suggests that a new version of the Mac Pro will arrive in the foreseeable future. This would be one of the more unexpected updates in the Apple product range, as some have suggested that the Mac Pro is commercially untenable.

iPhone 8, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 3, Glasses: Apple Products For 2017

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was updated in 2016, but considering the iconic nature of this Apple laptop, this update was rather tentative and disappointing. It is expected that Apple will once again upgrade the MacBook Air in 2017, with an improved Retina display, USB-C support, and the inclusion of Touch ID and Force Touch all anticipated.

Apple continues to dominate the laptop marketplace, with the MacBook considerably more recognizable and widely utilized than the Microsoft Surface pro, but it is in no position to rest on its laurels in this niche.


Apple Glasses

Rumors abound that Apple is working on a virtual or augmented reality device, with these suggestions dating back at least 12 months. There have been few explicit details about this device, and it could be that eventually Apple will release a conventional virtual reality headset. This would be logical considering the increasing the profile of VR following the release of the PlayStation VR system, to compete with the existing Oculus Rift.

However, it has also been suggested that Apple has been working on an Apple Glasses system, similar to the Glass device released by Google previously. With the likes of Microsoft and Facebook also involved in virtual and augmented reality, it seems a certainty that Apple will get on board with this market in the near future.

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Apple Car

Finally, there have been persistent rumors of the so-called Apple Car since February 2015 at least, with many believing that the consumer electronics behemoth will eventually release an electric vehicle. While next year is far too early for this vehicle to emerge, it could be that Apple will finally let the cat out of the bag with regard to this project, whether deliberately or inadvertently.

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