AirPods Release Date: Could December Be The Best Bet?

AirPods Release Date: Could December Be The Best Bet?
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Apple launch the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September and dramatically killed the headphone jack. However, it assured consumers that everything would be fine because due to its courage, owners of the latest iPhone could get wireless AirPods. At $159, this would be a small price to pay for moving with the Apple times. However, three months later, there’s still no word of an AirPods release date. Here are the latest news and rumors about when these wireless headphones could be available.

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AirPods release date?

Apple’s initial announcement of the AirPods listed them as coming in October. However, at the end of that month, Apple pushed the AirPods release date back, suggesting that it was experiencing production issues. This second date was supposed to be in the middle of November, but that has now passed us by. So what is happening?

To say that Apple is remaining quiet on the subject is a little underkill; there’s obviously been a problem. Right now you can’t even preorder the AirPods, and they don’t appear on Apple’s holiday shopping guide.

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AirPods release date in December?

If you’re desperate to get your hands on a pair of Apple’s first wireless headphones, here’s some positive news. The biggest online retailer in the Czech Republic and Apple’s official reseller in the country have the AirPods release date down as December. You should probably take this information with a grain of salt though because there’s been no word from Apple.

Additionally, one German site had the AirPods listed as going on sale tomorrow, but that is unlikely. We’d expect to hear from Apple before any of its products went on sale, and we haven’t.

Why all the fuss over the AirPods?

Apple has promised that its AirPods will provide up to five hours of battery life. What’s surprising about this claim is that they will do this on a single charge and come with a carrying case that also must be charged and can then charge the AirPods. Additionally, they come with quick charge technology, which allows them to be charged for 15 minutes in return for three hours of charge.

Similar in design to Apple’s wired EarPods, but without a cable and with the addition of Bluetooth technology, they offer instant pairing. Apple’s new W1 chip this possible; it also aids in the switching between different iCloud devices.

Those who have been fortunate enough to get their hands on pre-production AirPods have given mixed reviews. Some suggest the sound quality is poor, and the absence of volume controls is irritating, while others have said that they fit well in the ear and offer good access to Siri.

When to expect an AirPods release

Until today, there have been three rumored release dates for the device: mid-November, December, and early 2017. Most speculators are expecting the AirPod release date to be pushed back to early 2017. However, we think that Apple is probably moving heaven and earth to get them ready for December.

Apple is not the only company to offer wireless-Bluetooth headsets, so we think the tech giant will get them ready for the holiday season.

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