Apple Inc. Price Matching Program Gets Even Better [REPORT]

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Apple has been known for selling its devices at premium prices. Unlike other companies, which are generally fine with compromising their profits for a greater market share, the Cupertino-based company has always ensured healthy margins across all its devices. But there are still some ways to buy these premium products at a discount, including a 10% price matching initiative.

What is Apple’s price matching program about?

Under this not-so-popular but still useful program, the tech giant honors discounted prices from authorized Apple retailers. This means if a retailer runs a good promotion on new MacBooks, the tech giant will match it with a 10% off the original list price of the product.

Even doing this much seemed flabbergasting for the company, which is known for maintaining hefty profit margins. But now, it appears that the company wants to take this price matching initiative to a complete new level.

In a recent Reddit post, a person who claims to be an Apple store employee said that the artificial 10% ceiling on price matching is not in effect anymore, according to BGR.

“Previously, Apple capped their price matching at 10% off, but that’s going away,” the person wrote. The smartphone maker will even match promotions that include Apple Store or iTunes gift cards.

“Still has to be from brick and mortar store official websites, like Costco or Best Buy, but will not apply to places like Amazon,” the source explained.

Apple not so strict with discounts now

Another Redditor who claimed to have worked at Apple for about eight years, revealed that the policy was that the company does not offer discounts unless the buyer says something about buying form a reseller. Further, the source said that the smartphone maker was really strict about discounting before (employees needed an approval from the manager), but now, any employee can give up to a 10% discount on the devices on their own, notes BGR.

This amazing program could prove to be a great deal for potential buyers. So if you are looking to purchase an Apple device anytime in future, do not forget about this price matching program.

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