Apple Pay Cash Becomes Available On iOS 11.2 And WatchOS 4.2

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Apple are reveling in the recent success of the iPhone X, which was released to positive reviews across the board. The phone has been referred to as the future for smartphones, and is likely to be used as a blueprint for further development.


The iPhone X commemorates the ten year anniversary of the original iPhone, which revolutionized the way we interact with our handsets. Apple became a pioneer of facial recognition technology with their Face ID feature, incorporated an OLED screen for a sharp display with vivid colors, and introduced additional features for supreme functionality.

The iPhone X was highly demanded by consumers, with expectations at an all time high. There were rumors suggesting there would be limited stock in the build up to the release, and pre-orders sold out quicker than ever. Fans seem happy with the phone, where its impressive performance has captivated tech enthusiasts across the globe.

Recently, Apple announced iOS 11.2 beta 2, which marks one of the biggest changes to Apple’s operating system for some time. With highly ambitious features, and the bugs from iOS 11.1 fixed, iOS 11.2 is more substantial, and presents various visual changes. The most prominent feature is the ability to control AirPlay 2 devices, and effortlessly switch between controlling multiple playback destinations. This is an important groundwork for the HomePod release, and it is compatible with the Apple TV right now.

The biggest change with the 11.2 beta 2 is the introduction of Apple Pay Cash. This allows you to make secure purchases in stores, apps, and on the web, alongside enabling you to send and receive money from friends and family in messages. You need to have Apple Pay set up, and the recipient will also need iOS 11.2 or WatchOS 4.2 beta for the feature to work. Apple Pay Cash is currently limited to specific models in the US, so the new introduction is great news for those who are seeking a more convenient payment method. Debit Card transfers are free with Apple Pay Cash, but credit cards have a small fee. You’ll also need two-factor authentication for Apple Pay Cash to work.

Though there isn’t an official release date for iOS 11.2, fans are eagerly anticipating the promoted features. The first public beta became available on November 1st, and the public beta for 11.2 was rolled out on November 7th. When you log into the Beta Software Program, you’ll see a link to enroll your iOS device. To accompany the introduction of Apple Pay Cash, those who were frustrated by the capital-I bug will be satisfied to learn it’s been fixed, and the operating system will justify your expensive iPhone X purchase if you’ve recently bought one.

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