Fix Question “?” Mark Auto-Correct Bug On iOS 11.1 [HOW TO]


The new iOS 11.1 came out early last week, and while many users were hoping the software update would address bugs and issues that came with the iOS 11 initial release, the iOS 11.1 came with some new bugs. One of these bugs is a question mark auto-correct bug, which doesn’t let users type the letter “I” on their device’s keyboard. Apple has already confirmed that it’s working on a fix for this disturbing issue. However, if you can’t wait for the new update, take a look at this guide on how to fix the question mark auto-correct bug on iOS 11.1.

The main cause of this unnerving bug is still unknown. However, it is believed that the original issue came from the auto-correct system in the iOS operating system. Users have had difficulties typing the letter “i,” because once they do, the auto-correct system replaces it with the letter A, followed by a question mark symbol. Apple knows about the problem and is likely working on a solution that will come with the next software update. In the meantime, to fix the question mark auto-correct bug, follow the next steps.

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Step 1: Grab your device and navigate to the Settings app. Launch the app, navigate to General, and then tap Keyboard to proceed.

Step 2: Once you come to the iOS keyboard setting, you will have to fix it by adding specific text replacements. That means that if you choose this setting, the next time you will be typing out a message, a pre-defined text string that will be detected will be replaced with something that you will choose in the settings. So, select the Text Replacement option, and then tap on the Add(+) button.

Step 3: Once you open the Add(+) button, you will be shown two text fields, which you can use to enter information. One is labeled as Phrase, while the other one is marked as Shortcut. Tap Phrase and enter “I.” After you do that, tap into Shortcut and enter “i.” After that, all you need to do is tap the “Save” button, and the issue should be temporarily fixed once the changes you’ve made are applied.

This guide should fix the question mark auto-correct bug on the iOS 11.1. If the problem persists, don’t worry. As mentioned above, this issue is occurring on an iOS 11 native keyboard, which means it doesn’t apply to the third-party keyboards that you can download online for free. That being said, if you can’t wait for Apple to release the keyboard fix, and this guide doesn’t fix the question mark auto-correct bug on iOS 11.1, you can go to the internet and download a keyboard that will suit your smartphone. That should do an acceptable job until Apple addresses this issue.