Fake Apple iPhone 6S Available In China For Just $37

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Apple’s iPhone 6s is very popular and hence successful in China, which is now making replicas of the device at a fraction of the cost. What’s surprising is that the fake devices, which are 20 times cheaper than the real one, are pretty similar in appearance, and they no longer have antennas and TV tuners, says a report from RT.

Not much in common in fake and real iPhone 6s

The fake iPhone has a 5-inch screen and is available in three colors – silver, gold and rose gold. There is nothing much in common between the fake and the original except the screen size and the color. The cloned device has a screen resolution of 960×540, while the original has 1334×750.

The replica iPhone 6s runs on Android instead of iOS. These devices run on a quite weak speadtrum SC773 processor and have 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM, the report says. The minimum storage capacity of the real iPhone 6s is 16GB, which can be expanded up to 128GB, and has 2GB of RAM.

Apart from the price, the Chinese replica scores over Apple’s iPhone 6S on another count. It comes with a feature that is very much in demand among the Chinese, which is two SIM slots. The $37 model has the 3G module as well.

Fake Apple Stores in China too

It’s not only iPhones that are being faked in China but Apple Stores are also being mimicked. As of Sept. 24, there were more than 30 fake Apple Stores on the busy streets in China’s southern boom town of Shenzhen. They all carried Apple’s iconic white logos and were accepting preorders for the new iPhones, says a report from Reuters.

The fake stores look very similar to the signature Apple outlets. Even the sales staff in the stores wore blue T-shirts with a white logo of the company. The stores displayed the sample iPads and the Apple Watch on sleek wooden tables.

Apple released the new iPhones on Sept. 25, and within three days of launch, the company sold more than 13 million units of its two new models –the  iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus – setting a new record. “Sales … have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history,” said CEO Tim Cook.

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