Stunning Apple iPhone 6 Concept Images Released

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Unfortunately for iPhone fans – and there are a fair few of those about – we won’t get to see the next Apple handset for quite a few months yet. Some debate still exists regarding when the iPhone 6 will hit the high street, but the current estimate for this flagship Apple product is sometime between June and September. It is looking increasingly likely that it could be closer to June than September given the ambitious hopes of Samsung this year, and the disappointing financial results of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) which have just been reported.

Spectacular vision of the future

However, in order to whet the appetite of those awaiting the iPhone in the meantime, the Italian designer and graphic artist Federico Ciccarese has produced some spectacular visions of how the future iPhone 6 might look. Ciccarese can be considered something of an Apple fan himself, with the Italian having worked on visions of a possible iWatch and iPhone Air in the past.

Ciccarese has released several images of his impression of how the iPhone 6 might look, and it is fair to say that they are simply stunning. If the actual device manages to match the sleek attractiveness of the Italian designer’s images then Apple will almost certainly have another winner on their hands. In addition to the images, Ciccarese has also released a video conception of the iPhone 6, just to tease iPhone fans that little bit more!

The images and videos have both been based on the raft of iPhone 6 reports which have already emerged. Ciccarese stated that his renderings were based on reports which indicated that there will be two models of the iPhone 6, one sporting a 5.5 inch screen and one with a somewhat smaller 4.7 inch screen. Ciccarese also revealed that he perceives the pixel resolution of the two devices to be 878 x 1,568 and 750 x 1,338 respectively, but there have been contrasting reports on this matter, and Apple may even conceivably push for a 2K screen to match the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Wafer-thin curved profile

Undoubtedly the element that most stands out when one views the images is the slim, sleek profile of the iPhone 6, which is becoming a trademark of everything that Apple produces. We’ve already seen the new iMac featuring the sleekest screen of any desktop computer ever, so it seems highly likely that Ciccarese’s concept for a larger yet sleeker iPhone 6 will be very close to the mark. The designs involved in the iPhone 6 concept images looked absolutely stunning, and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will actually have to pull their finger out to match them!

Additionally, the images showed that the iPhone 6 will have a curved body. This is purely speculative on the part of the artist, but would match the current trend exemplified by Samsung’s big screen televisions. Whether we will see this or not remains to be seen, but it certainly makes sense.

In terms of tangible physical features which differ from previous models, it is immediately obvious that in the larger iPhone 6 the headphone jack has been relocated from its current position on the iPhone 5S. We can also see in the images that the larger screen size gives the potential for a huge amount of icons to be shown on the display at any one time, which implies that a new operating system could be released to accommodate this potential.

It’s only when we see the iPhone 6 pictured against the relatively recently released iPhone 5S that we see just how slim it is. Next to the previously impressive forerunner to the iPhone 6 it literally looks like a wafer, and suddenly the sleekest and coolest smartphone in the world looks clunky and brick-like! Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the iPhone 6 concept images certainly create a strong impression.

Ciccarese’s concept has also been based on the history of the iPhone. If we trace the way that the device has developed then we can see patterns and trends which can be extrapolated into the future, and which illustrated that the Italian’s concept images are more than plausible.

Design is based on historical precedent

Back in 2012, after five generations of iPhones had been released, we begun to see the trend for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) increasing the size of their smartphone. The iPhone 5 had a 4 inch display, as opposed to the 3.5 inch screens which were de rigueur previously, while it was longer, thinner and lighter than any generation that preceded it. This trend has continued since then, to the point today where we’re looking at the prospect of the biggest iPhone ever, but what would appear to be the lightest based on these concept images.

The only problem with these concept images is that you can’t actually buy the phone yet! But Ciccarese’s work will have done plenty to heighten anticipation ahead of more solid information coming from Apple themselves.

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