Apple iOS 8: More Focus On Features Than Visual Redesign

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Apple iOS 8, also known as Okemo (rumored), is the new and latest version of the Apple operating system. Apple’s upcoming devices like iPhone and iPad will run on this operating system. iOS 8 is expected to be seen for the first time at WWDC 2014 on the 2nd of June, with the official release date around September 17, 2014. A recent rumor from 9to5Mac hinted that the iOS 8 new features will focus on iWatch and the accompanying health-related apps and abilities.

iOS 8 will not only come with some new and exciting features, but at the same time will also come with enhancements to the new language design that was launched last year. Major emphasis will be laid on polishing interaction, animation, design and core functionality.

iOS 8: Apple to focus more on features than visual redesign

Since iOS 7 was a complete visual redesign of the operating system, it is expected that iOS 8 will not feature much in the way of design changes. Instead, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will focus more on improving existing features and enhancing the functionality of Touch ID through a new mobile payments system.

Apple iOS 8 has a lot to offer to iPhone and iPad lovers. Not only will the iPhone 6 come in a bigger size, but will also offer better functionality. iOS 8 is expected have some new and amazing apps like the Healthbook app, TextEdit and Preview apps that are ported over from OS X. Also, the iPhone maker could introduce long-awaited inter-app communication.

Improved versions in iOS 8

Improvements are also expected for older apps like Notification Center, Photo Stream, Voice Memo, Maps, CarPlay and messages.

Maps are likely to get better in iOS 8 as they will now come with the support of backend data that is not only more cleaned and sanitized than before, but also better. Previous versions of Maps were not up to mark as the backend data that the company licensed was not well integrated. It had several flaws such as the information wasn’t normalized and locations were off.

Apple iOS 8: More Focus On Features Than Visual Redesign

The transit app that was useful in providing directions for buses, trains and subways/metros was dropped completely with the launch of iOS 6 when Google’s data was no longer used by the iPhone maker. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has plans of coming back with the app in the iOS 8 and has plenty to spend in buying transit improved services.

Indoor mapping, which uses iBeacon support, not only provides outside views of hotels, parks, office buildings and museums etc, but, after the update, could even guide the user with internal directions. This app has an edge over GPS/GLONASS systems that can only be used to get an outside view.

iOS 8 Photo Stream is an app which allows you to securely keep up to 1000 photos on  Apple’s iCloud servers. Thephotos  are accessible for 30 days and easily downloadable on any device. Up until now, phptos could be easily shared, viewed and commented on. However, with iOS 8 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might make Photo Stream a real photo backup service on which the data is available on the cloud all the time.

Presently, iCloud is supported by specific apps that make documents on Mac versions of TextEdit or Preview on iOS inaccessible. Separate apps are required on the iPhone and iPad to do that. So, it is expected that Apple will try and make life easier for document users in the iOS 8.

iOS 8 Notification Center, which was updated in IOS 7, is expected to do away with the missed view as it was seen as very complex and redundant.

Presently, in iMessages, images and videos used up a lot of space on the device and deleting them easily wasn’t possible. Therfore, with the iOS 8, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to include a feature to auto delete messages and media files after some time period and thus free up space.

CarPlay, which came along with iOS 7.1, is presently used as a Lightning connector only, which made sense as there are only few vehicles using their own Wi-Fi networks. Now more manufacturers are equipping Wi-Fi in the vehicles, so Apple could update CarPlay to work like AirPlay.

iOS 8 iTunes Radio app is likely to no longer remain a part of the Music app, and may be converted into a separate app in iOS 8.

Healthbook app

The iOS 8 Healthbook app will help users to collect crucial fitness-related information such as the number of steps a person has walked and the calories burned. Other medical information such as heart rate and blood sugar can also be tracked. The outstanding feature of this app is the Emergency Card that contains all necessary medical information and keeps the user alerted of medications, allergies, existing conditions and other important  medical information.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been planning for the past few years to make inter-app communication possible with iOS. This app would enable the users to communicate and share data with each other through a “sandbox” while maintaining security.

Bloomberg also recently reported that Apple is working with Shazam to come up with a song identification feature for iOS 8. The new feature would likely be included as a part of Siri.

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