Apple Inc. Watch To Carry Apps From Several Airlines

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The Apple Watch will come loaded with several new apps that are bound to mesmerize buyers and brands. One such app highlighted at the Apple Watch event on March 9, was from American Airlines. It enables customers to check flight information, check in for their flights and do other useful tasks.

Several airlines releasing Apple Watch apps

Following the move from American Airlines, several other airlines are also planning to offer similar apps, highlighting the ways in which the Apple Watch can make the lives of its users simpler in several ways.

According to a report from Mac Rumors, the Apple Watch can have an app from British Airways that will become available on April 24. The app furnishes a summary of the next flight of the customer along with important information like flight number, status, the weather at the destination and also the time of departure of the flight. Such apps will eliminate the need to refer to mailers and other apps for information, which now will be made available at just a glance.

Also Delta and United are two other airlines that have confirmed their apps for the upcoming Apple Watch, as revealed by a report from VentureBeat earlier this week.

More ease for users

Users of the Delta app, which is still in the development phase, will be able to access their boarding pass saved on their iPhones and will also receive notifications about their flight. Similar to the apps from other airlines, other relevant details like flight numbers, gate numbers, flight times, etc. will also be offered by the Delta app. Users of the Apple Watch will also receive a notification in case a flight is changed. Also information on luggage pick-up will be delivered to the user when the flight is close to the destination city.

Such apps for the Apple Watch will support on-wrist check-ins for flights and direct users to their appropriate gates by the way of notifications. Also welcome messages powered by iBeacon will be delivered to users at certain airport terminals, such as Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

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