Apple Users To Watch Free In-Flight Movies On United Airlines

Apple Users To Watch Free In-Flight Movies On United Airlines

In April, United Airlines will roll out an update that allows users to access in-flight movies. For those with the iPhone and iPad, the new app will only work with iOS 7. For those with Mac computers, no application is needed to watch movies. There is no word on whether this service will extend to Android devices.

Apple teams up with United Airlines

The in-flight entertainment system will start out exclusive on a few aircraft, however this could spread to more planes. Patently Apple explained, “Once you’re onboard, you’ll see two types of media. Some programs require a browser plug-in on your laptop or the latest United App on your Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS. This can be downloaded at any time during your flight without purchase of United Wi-Fi. Other programs can be watched through the United Portal on your browser with no plug-in or app required. Just click on what you’d like to watch. You can start, stop, rewind, pause and switch your movie or TV show anytime. It’s that simple.”

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Another airline also has plans to launch in-flight entertainment

Lufthansa hopes to offer their version personal in-flight entertainment. The German airline also to beam in-flight movies with BoardConnect to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. United currently offers similar services for a small fee. Last year, the company launched movie and television packages to about 75% of their wi-fi equipped airplanes. United expanded to eight live channels and on-demand television. One movie costs $5 per device. TV packages also costs about $5 per device and just Wi-Fi costs $8 per device.

Many airlines are looking for new ways to allow customers to use their mobile devices and access entertainment. In an industry that puts technology and customer service at the forefront, it is evident airlines are willing to go the extra mile.

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