Apple Inc. To Start Mass Production Of Smartwatch In Jan.

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will start the production for their new Watch early next year. Apple Daily reports Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Quanta Computer will take over the production task. During a recent press event, Apple claimed the watch will launch will launch early next year but did not offer a specific date.

Apple Watch to launch early 2015

It was reported Apple would launch the gadget around Valentine’s Day. Previous speculation reported Apple missed the initial production date for holidays 2014, which meant the company had to find another big retail holiday to launch the device.

The Apple Watch comes in two case size options including 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters. The device also comes in three collections including traditional, luxury, and sport. What’s more is that the watch will be available in a variety of colors and distinct swappable bands. This unique device will feature built-in heart rate sensors, access to a wide variety of third-party applications, and Apple Pay. Although it was reported the device would have to be charged every night, the device has a simplified magnetic induction charger.

Apple gets involved in fashion

Perhaps the most important thing about the new watch is that it is focused on fashion. The Cupertino-based tech giant chose one of the hippest fashion boutiques in Paris to showcase the new watch during Fashion Week.

Although we know the basics of the new Apple Watch, there is still quite a bit of information that is unknown. We do know Apple’s new watch is the most personal product designed by the company. It also happens to be the company’s most fashionable product to date. This product merges style with technology to create a product that everyone can enjoy.

The Apple Watch offers many style possibilities thanks to the customizable options. This device also comes in a wide variety of price ranges so almost everyone can afford to purchase one.

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