Apple Watch May Ship Next Year Around Valentine’s Day

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) just unveiled its smartwatch last week but does not plan on actually selling the device until early next year. The latest report indicates Apple Watch may not be available in February 2015.

Apple Watch may be delayed until mid-February

One source close to the matter told The Information it may ship around Valentine’s Day. During the official unveiling, Apple didn’t announce an official launch date for the Apple Watch, the company only said it would arrive sometime in early 2015. This report also claims Apple originally planned on releasing the device by Christmas 2014 but came across software development problems.

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Matt Warman from The Telegraph elaborated, “Add in the fact that Apple is saying precious little about specifications and nothing about battery life and one might conclude that this is a product that has been announced before it has been totally finished. There’s no doubt why it won’t go on sale until next year.”

The Apple Watch offers a personal experience

The smartwatch will start at $349. This device is available in three versions including the standard, luxury, and sport versions. All three models come in two size options including 38 mm and 42 mm as well as lots of customizable options. These wearable devices are considered some of the most personal devices Apple created.

If it is true Apple won’t release the iWatch until Valentine’s Day, the tech giant makes no apologies for matter. In the end, it is probably wise move, especially if Apple strives to get it right the first time. The tech giant has a track record of creating and launching successful products the first time. There really is no room for error and Apple knows this.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things regarding the upcoming watch is a possible extra functionality on the watch. Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook even offered a hint at a possible unknown feature coming to his Apple Watch in the near future.