Apple, Inc. iPhone 6 Release May Lift Stock To All Time High

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) would not launch the iPhone 6 before September, but when it is launched the device will earn enough revenue and profit for the company to surge the stock to its all-time high at $100.72 or even higher, according to David Zeiler of Money Morning. Analysts and market experts are widely expecting two version of the iPhone 6, one with larger display of 5.5 inches and a smaller one at 4.7 inches. Both the version will be bigger than the running iPhone 5S, which has a display size of 4 inches.

Strong demand for upcoming Apple device

Till now, Apple ignored and was reluctant in acknowledging the sweeping impact that the larger display phones created in the market. However, the burgeoning sales of the Android powered phones in the United States indicate that the enthusiasm would be high for not just Android ones, but also for the bigger display iPhone.

“This is a smart move for them,” said Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael Robinson.  Robinson added that the emerging markets, primarily China are fond of large display phones. Around 40% of the smartphones sold in a China has bigger screens. Robinson said that the larger iPhone will be very successful especially, when it is coming after the China Mobile deal.

Morgan Stanley recently noted, in its report, that around half of the iPhone owners in the United States are still using iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Citing an April ChangeWave survey, which concluded that 40% of the early adopters were “somewhat likely” to buy an iPhone 6, Andy Golub of 451 Research told Fortune that this is the utmost demand for yet to be arrived iPhone model.

More reasons to buy iPhone 6

Apple stated during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that the iPhone 6 will be powered by iOS8, the upcoming operating system from the company. iOS 8 will be made powerful  enough to run new apps such as Healthkit, an app meant for reading the  user’s health and fitness stats, and iBeacon, the app that sends shopping information to a user’s phone by tracking their location, when they are inside the store.

Other upgrades would be in camera, battery life, central processors, which are pretty much expected establishing the fact that Apple iPhone 6 has exploding features that would convince the customers to buy as well as upgrade.

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