Apple Inc Must Bring Jobs Back To The U.S.: Trump

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Apple stopped manufacturing its devices in the U.S. many years ago, and it probably happened for good. In 2011, Steve Jobs reportedly told President Barack Obama at a high-power Silicon Valley dinner that he has no plans of bringing those jobs back to the U.S.. However, now billionaire Donald Trump believes he will get those jobs back.

Not in favor of Apple’s manufacturing strategy

While speaking at Liberty University yesterday, Trump said he didn’t appreciate Apple’s idea of overseas manufacturing, adding that he will get those jobs back to the U.S. sometime in the future. Trump said people of this country had lots of qualities that make them amazing. They are smart, sharp, and energetic.

“I was saying make America great again, and I actually think we can say now, and I really believe this, we’re gonna get things coming… we’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries,” Trump said.

During his speech, Trump also made bizarre remarks on outsourcing. On one hand, he insisted on a 35% tax on companies producing goods outside the U.S., and on the other, he claims to support free trade, says a report from Gizmodo.

Trump and his dream

During the 2012 presidential election, Trump told Fox News that Apple CEO Tim Cook should consider building plants in the U.S. Trump said that the U.S. might not be offering incentives for manufacturing here, but it is really sad that 100% of the manufacturing of Apple’s products was taking place outside of the country.

In December, Trump reasserted his comments. During the promotion of his book Crippled America at a press conference, he said that the country needs to get Apple and other companies back to the U.S.

“We have to do it. And that’s one of my real dreams for the country,” he said.

Gizmodo says something like this is not going to happen anytime soon. Trump has made up a fantasy world of his own in which he is the king of America, and therefore, his claims of bringing Apple’s computers home is mostly empty. Nevertheless, bringing Apple’s jobs home is something that’s not totally out of the question. In 2013, the iPhone firm did shift some of its jobs home, such as bringing some Mac production back to the U.S.

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