Apple Inc. (AAPL) Should Build A TV: Time Warner CEO

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Will the Apple TV become a reality? Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said he’s looking forward to seeing it. Bewkes told this to a Business Insider conference. He also said other companies will likely create a product that’s similar to it because he doesn’t believe any digital intermediary would be able to get exclusive rights to make such a product.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Should Build A TV: Time Warner CEO

Bewkes praised Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s ability to create loyalty for its innovative products and secure premium prices for them. He said the best feature he could imagine on an Apple TV device would be good interface navigation.

There have been rumors about an Apple TV product for a long time, and Bewkes is the most recent notable voice to say that he looks forward to seeing it. His backing of the device is especially important, because there are rumors that Time Warner is in talks with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) about developing content for it. However, there are some who say that the Apple Television will be little more than a regular cable box.

At this point there is a lot of speculation about why Bewkes is backing an Apple TV. After all, Time Warner is the largest cable company in the nation, and an Apple Television could create some competition for it, especially with iTunes built right in. ITunes carries a lot more than just music. It carries many of the most popular television shows, and users don’t even have to put up with commercials. But on the other hand, there’s a chance Time Warner has plenty to gain with the release of this product. Only time will tell who the big winner (other than Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), if there are any) will be if the Apple TV does hit the market.

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