Apple Denies Plans To Lay Off Beats Workers

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) claims it is busily offering jobs to all of Beats Electronics’ employees in an attempt to bring them on board when it acquires the company. Billboard reports that its inside sources at Apple have indicated that the company is doing the opposite of what rumors claimed it would do.

Apple won’t lay off 200 workers

Previously there was a rumor circulating that Apple was planning to lay off 200 of the workers at Beats Electronics who would come over as part of the acquisition. However, one of Billboard‘s sources reportedly states that Apple is in the process of orientating them into the company and that the former Beats employees are actually signing up for the company’s healthcare plan.

A spokesperson for Apple also said that they are “excited” to have the company’s team climb on board and that they have made job offers to all of its employees. He did say that some of those offers are for a limited time, however, because there is “some overlap” in the two companies’ operations. In addition, he said they will “work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees” as they can a new permanent job at Apple.

There were reports that approximately five Beats employees were fired fairly quickly after the acquisition, although those firings were said to be based on performance. Also a “large number” of former Beats workers reportedly received a notification that they could be terminated in the next three months to a year. The report suggests that most of those jobs are in the legal, finance and human resources departments.

Apple, Beats finalize deal

On Friday, Apple closed the previously announced deal with Beats Electronics. The company paid $3 billion to acquire the headset maker co-founded by Dr. Dre. Reports suggested that Dr. Dre and fellow co-founder Jimmy lovine will be joining the Apple team and that Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers will be taking over Apple’s iTunes Radio division.

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