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What to do about mysterious charges from Apple on your credit card

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A Pakistani man noticed that Apple charged his credit card several times even though he didn’t buy anything. Apparently, this issue isn’t very uncommon because Apple has a support page on it. Here’s what to do if you see mysterious charges from Apple on your credit card.

Here’s what happened

Aly Ahmed reported the charges from Apple in a post on a Facebook group Soul Brothers. He said he received a text about a charge for Rs 250 on his credit card. He thought initially that it was a service charge, but then he received another text stating that a charge for Rs 30 had been entered. He thought again that it was service charges, but then a third text stated that a charge of Rs 14,900 had posted.


He immediately called Faysal Bank, where he has his credit card through, and while waiting on hold for seven or eight minutes, three more texts about charges of Rs 250, Rs 30 and Rs 14,900 arrived. As soon as a bank representative picked up, the call dropped, so he sent an email to the bank and called back. During this time, he received three more texts about three more transactions for the same amounts.

After eight more minutes of waiting on hold, he was again connected to a bank representative, and during that wait, the same transactions occurred. The bank representative said the transactions were done by apple.com/bill. However, Ahmed has no subscriptions through Apple and hadn’t purchased anything from the company. The bank representative blocked his card and told him to call Apple.

What to do about mysterious charges from Apple

Apple has a support page about charges from apple.com/bill or itunes.com/bill here. The company advises customers to follow these steps:

  1. Find out if the charge was made for one purchase or a group of purchases.
  2. Find out if the charge was for a subscription renewal.
  3. Check to see if any family members made a purchase from Apple.
  4. See if you bought anything using a different Apple ID.
  5. If the answer was not revealed in the first four steps, the company advises customers to contact Apple Support here.

It’s unclear what might have caused the string of mysterious charges from Apple, but hopefully Ahmed was able to get the issue taken care of.

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