Apple Inc. Makes It More Affordable To Replace Cracked iPhone Screens

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Apple’s iPhones are nice to own, but not if they have cracked screens. Also the cost of replacement is such that it can make a person lose a fortune over it. However, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has relieving news for its customers as it has reduced the replacement cost and has introduced a $99 flat fee for incidental repairs under warranty, which 9to5 Mac was first to spot.

Replacing cracked screen now more affordable

Earlier, the company charged a $99 repair cost for current-generation devices and $79 for previous generation devices. Now AppleCare+ customers will not be hit for $99 and instead will be charged only $29 for screen replacement. This news will surely delight most AppleCare+ customers as replacing cracked screens is one of the most common repairs arranged under it.

Apple, which updated its warranty quietly, said customers can use the AppleCare+ plan for $129, which covers two incidents of accidental damage under which screen replacement will cost $29, while all other repairs will cost $99.

In its updated warranty section, the iPhone maker notes: “AppleCare+ provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians.”

The coverage includes the device’s battery, the device, earphones and other accessories.

More assurances with Apple’s iPhone 7

Apart from the stated damages in the warranty, if the customer’s device has damage elsewhere, then a flat fee of $99 will be charged regardless of the model. The customers who do not have AppleCare+ at all will be required to pay between $129 and $149 for each broken display, notes The Verge.

This means that being clumsy will prove too expensive for customers, and hence, they are advised to purchase AppleCare+ to avoid high repair costs. This will especially be beneficial to people who frequently damage/break their phone’s screen. The fact that the iPhone 7 is water resistant comes as an assurance that customers are covered for the most common accidents. Unfortunately, customers in regions where AppleCare+ in unavailable won’t be able to derive the benefits.

Every iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad and Mac comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and hardware failures. The company offers customers the option of extending that warranty for additional years with AppleCare. Customers can easily find out whether or not their Apple products are currently covered by checking the status on Apple’s Warranty Status website.

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