Apple Car: Designers Imagine Novel Concepts For ‘Project Titan’

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Apple is secretly working on an electric car under the ‘Project Titan.’ Ever since the reports of an Apple car surfaced, we have seen a number of concept designs. Recently, job site Freelancer hosted a contest, inviting designers to imagine what the Apple car might look like. There are still no concrete details about the vehicle’s design or features, but it is rumored to be a semi-autonomous electric car.

Tsirbas designs the most-liked Apple car concept

The contest drew as many as 193 submissions, with the winning designer taking home $1,500 prize. Aristomenis Tsirbas’ futuristic concept won the contest as it got the most likes during the contest. Tsirbas imagines the Apple car sporting a flat design with sliding doors and smooth curves. His semi-autonomous electric car concept fits very well with Apple’s minimalist design tradition.

It sports external high-resolution LED screens on the front and back for user-selected headlight/taillight designs. Other entries also explored futuristic designs, and imagined the Apple car as sports cars, sedans, vans, and even trucks. Freelancer user Maximchernysh‘s Volkswagen Bug-style car concept features a wide frame, purple accents, but no side windows.

An Apple car concept from the science fiction

Some of the designs seemed like something from a science fiction. DearbornDesign came up with this shark-shaped car concept. It has a front-panel for entry and rides low to the ground. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that it is planning to enter the automobile market. But the company has poached hundreds of automobile and battery technology engineers from Tesla, Mercedes, A123 Systems and others.

The Cupertino company has built a team of over 200 automobile engineers to work on the Project Titan. In February, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Tim Cook was planning to launch the Apple car by 2020. Recently, A123 Systems sued Apple for poaching many of its employees. Meanwhile, Tesla has welcomed the potential competition from Apple.


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