Apple Inc. Hiring Car Battery Experts From Samsung [REPORT]

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A new rumor suggests Apple is looking to hire battery experts from rival Samsung

Apple reportedly is looking for chip designers and other experts, prompting speculation that the company may be looking for experts to design its rumored car. A representative for Samsung explained on Monday that many of the company’s executives speak English, and this means there would be no language barriers if they worked in America.

Apple vs. Samsung

It is no secret both companies are huge rivals. The companies frequently take each other to court in hopes of derailing each other and making up for lost revenues. On the other side, the two companies sometimes work together. Samsung often manufactures the chips Apple uses in its products.

The unnamed official cited in the report explained that Apple has already poached some of Samsung’s employees. They currently work at the tech giant’s location in San Jose. The tech giant lures them in with competitive salaries and benefits. What’s more is that Apple encourages creativity to handle tasks. The American phone maker prefers Samsung employees because they are often diligent as well as focused on the mission.

Apple reportedly working on an electric car

The rumors of the purported Apple electric vehicle continue. It is rumored that the company has assembled an automotive team to work in a top secret laboratory. The iPhone maker is also hiring battery experts from various companies to join the team. Apple got in trouble for allegedly poaching employees from A123 Systems. It was that lawsuit which mentioned that Samsung’s designers were also on Apple’s poaching list.

In early February, there were reports from multiple sources that the company planned to work on an electric vehicle slated for production in five years. Other reports indicated Apple was working on a car dashboard instead.

Apple is one of the most innovative technology companies today, and it would not be surprising if the company was in the early stages of developing a car.

via: The Korea Times

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