Android Pie Update Kills Fast Charging On Some Pixel XL Handsets

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Google’s Android Pie update has gone smoothly compared to other updates, but many users of the first-generation Pixel XL are now reporting issues with the fast charging since they updated to the latest Android version.

Here’s what we know about the Pixel XL fast charging issue so far

Users are complaining that the Pixel XL fast charging feature does not work after installing the update. Both Google Issue Tracker and Reddit are filled with the complaints about the Pixel XL fast charging issue. Google’s Pixel XL handset supports quick charging with any cable carrying USB-PD certification, which limits charging to a rate of 5V/3A and ensures that users get the “charging rapidly” message on the handset. One of those facing the issue noted that the device still shows “charging slowly” even while it is plugged into the fast charger.

“After testing with a Satechi USB C power meter and a 45W USB C charger, I’ve found that the XL will claim to be rapid-charging when accepting 9V at 1.5A, which is still less than the old 5V/3A earlier rapid charging,” one user complained.

Some are complaining that the fast charger which came with the handset is working fine, but other chargers are not supported anymore. Users are also saying that the Pixel XL fast charging feature worked fine with Android 8.1 Oreo, and the issue surfaced only after the Android Pie update.

One user claimed a similar issue was in the beta version as well, but it has not been fixed in the final, stable version. It must also be noted that only Pixel XL users are experiencing this issue. The Android Pie update has only been made available to Pixel devices thus far, so we don’t know if the fast charging issue will affect third-party devices as well.

The evidence so far suggests it is more of a software issue which could be fixed by the search giant soon. Google has acknowledged the problem on the Issue Tracker, but it gave no details on when it will be fixed.

Another charging issue with Pixel XL

Until Google pushes out a permanent fix, one Reddit user has come up with a workaround. According to the user, the Pixel XL fast charging feature worked after performing a factory reset and booting it into Safe Mode. Leaving the charger plugged in and rebooting the phone also worked. However, the user cautioned that sometimes the fix works for multiple plugins, but sometimes only for an hour or so.

This is not the first time Pixel XL users have faced a charging issue. In March, a bug in Android 8.1 Oreo caused some devices to overcharge. Google has yet to fix this issue. It’s possible this latest Pixel XL fast charging issue is related to that earlier charging problem, so the company may fix both problems together.

We can only hope the company fixes the Pixel XL fast charging issue soon, as getting long-term support for the handsets is one main reason people choose the Pixel phones. If the bug remains unpatched, it could stain future  Google devices, especially the Pixel 3, which is expected to debut in October.

Here’s what to expect from the Pixel 3

Google’s next-gen Pixel handsets could be radically different from the earlier versions, considering that the search giant acquired HTC’s phone hardware team in September 2017. With the Android Pie update, the search giant has introduced many amazing features, like multiplayer AR, an update to its voice assistant and more. All such features are expected to show up in the next-gen Pixel handsets.

As far as how the Pixel 3 will look, there is a chance it will come with a notch. It is known that Android Pie supports notches. Renderings and leaked photos of the Pixel 3 also show a big, deep notch. A recent image shared by a Ukrainian on the Telegram app shows a phone that appears very similar to the Pixel 2 XL, but with a notch which is deeper than the one on the iPhone X.

There are reports that the Pixel 3 will also support wireless charging. Previously, many have found evidence of fast charging in the Android Pie beta, and since Google has integrated wireless charging before (inthe Nexus 6 and Google Nexus 5), there is a good chance the same tech will be integrated in the next-gen Pixel phone as well. It is also an apt time to bring the feature back, as arch-rival Apple already introduced wireless charging capabilities in the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

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