This Android App Will Help You Locate Your Parked Car

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Sometimes locating a car in a crowded parking lot is not an easy task. At such times, we wish that a magical fairy would come to our rescue and help us locate the car. Well, here’s an Android app that will help you do just that, minus the magical fairy part.

Locate your parked car quickly with Auto Finder

Auto Finder app for Android promises to “never forget where you parked” your car. This app is different from other apps which allow you to pin your position on a map when you leave your car, as Auto Finder automatically marks your location where you have parked your car. The app relies on your Android smartphone’s sensors to detect when you’re parking your car. In fact, you don’t even need to configure anything and everything works out of the box.

The app becomes smarter the longer you have it installed. You can also manually mark your location if you don’t always want to rely on the app’s automatic marking ability. The map can be switched between satellite or map mode.

Basically the app helps to solve the problem when you forget your parked car, and have to find it quickly. It’s worth giving a shot.

If you find this interesting, then head over to Play Store and download this app. The best part is that you don’t even need to spend a penny, but you can make a donation if you like the app.

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