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How American’s Deal with Their email at Work

Now more than ever, it seems like American’s spend a large chunk of their days at work in their inbox. It turns out that over 30% of American’s admit to having their email open constantly according to new research from Reachmail.  During this time over 212 billion emails are sent each day.

To get a broader view of the modern state of emailing in America, Reachmail surveyed 1,000 American’s who consider email significant to their work.  The scope of this survey was to find out which parts of the country are spending the most time in their inbox.

The survey covered these main questions:

  • How often do you check your work email each day?
  • How many work emails do you send per day?
  • How quickly do you respond to them?
  • How many unread emails are in your inbox right now?

The survey found that over 54% of American’s check their inbox multiple times per day.  This number is highest in the Northeast part of the country where 37% of workers admit to having their inbox constantly open in front of them at work. Only 16% of American’s only check their email once per day.

When it comes to the time of the day that American’s first log into their inbox, 71% of American’s first check their inbox between 5AM and 9AM. The survey found that American workers don’t stop checking their email when the workday ends. Nearly 70% of American’s check their work email after 6PM.  Virginia and Tennessee stay up the latest checking their inbox with 71% of workers from Tennessee admitting to checking their email after 9PM.

The survey also found that nearly half of American’s 46% send fewer than 10 emails per day. Only 8% of American’s send more than 50 emails per day.  The sweet spot seems to be between 5-25 emails per day for most American workers.

To see the results from the rest of the survey check out the rest of the infographic from Reachmail.


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