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What is the Amazon Echo Spot? It’s a new Amazon product coming out on December 19, 2017, just in time for the holidays!

Earlier this year, Amazon released a new Alexa gadget called the Echo Show. Some people found it rather expensive. For this reason, Amazon realized the holidays are coming, a perfect opportunity to save their best for last. As a result, besides the Echo Buttons, Amazon is coming up with yet another device – a cute little voice-powered alarm clock or desk clock called the Echo Spot. This little buddy is priced at $129 and available on December 19, and we certainly have high hopes for it.

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What is Amazon Echo Spot?

What it is is the Amazon Echo Dot (which is currently 40% off), and the Amazon Echo Show (now 30% off)  with that touchscreen smashed together into a new product that’s sort of like a smart alarm clock for your bedside. You can ask Alexa to play music, access any of her skills, set timers, have a video flash briefing with clips from the news and your favorite shows. All of this will show up on this device whenever you want to ask for it.

It also has Bluetooth and lineout compatibility with your existing speakers. So, if you wanted to hook it up to your current speaker setup or a Bluetooth speaker across the room, you can do that. It does have a speaker of its own, though. It’s 2 Watts, which should be more than enough for a casual listening at your bedside.

Like the Echo Show, it’s got this camera up at the top, so you can use this to make video calls or to drop in on somebody. You can set up drop-in and Amazon’s Alexa app to check in on an elderly relative or drop in on the kids’ room to see what’s going on. You can also get a variety of different clock faces to choose from. This enables you to customize this thing and make it the bedside Alexa buddy of your choice.

Why should you buy Amazon Echo Spot?

Amazon thinks people will be going to get a number of these for their homes. Maybe you put one on your desk, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom. It’s part of the Amazon’s strategy of bringing Alexa everywhere. Amazon has announced a ton of new Alexa products, and we think this one might be the one most interesting.

Many people already use the Echo Dot as kind of a bedside alarm clock. Not only does it double down on that, but it adds the actual visual element of the clock face and also lets you do a lot of the things that the Echo Show can do, and all of that at a lower price point of $199,99. You can get the Echo Spot for pre-order today and/or wait until December 19 when it will be officially released.

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