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Ebook Translations Are Critical For Success Abroad

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The ebook market started as deeply tied to Ereaders: Electronic reading display devices like Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Initially, the market experienced explosive growth. With the rise of mobile devices and tablets, that market has moved to reading through apps. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach clients via channels that potential customers carry with them most of the time – their mobile device. The use of Ebook offers as a marketing tool have become a standard component of content marketing.

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The format is a great way to demonstrate thought leadership, provide targeted information to customers, and set the tone for branding and messaging. However, in order to access the largest audience possible, businesses must enlist the help of a professional translation agency in order to maintain their accuracy and brand message across borders.

Ebooks in the Global Market

As a digital format, ebooks have the ability to reach a vast, global market at low cost. A business in the global market should consider expanding their customer base through effective local language translations that a professional service can provide.

Market research demonstrates an imbalance between material available online and the first language of most customers. Over 75% of online content is written in English, while only 25% of the global market speaks English as a first language. This disparity creates an unnecessary communications barrier between businesses and clients. Ebook providers and business can capitalize on this language issue through high-quality translations.

Machine translation software – often a mistaken first choice for translation – is simply not up to the task of translating an ebook. The longer format, stylistic nature, and editorial development of an ebook cannot be translated on a word-for-word basis. Machine translation does not understand context or cultural differences. A qualified foreign language service, however, has staff that is fluent in the languages of targeted markets, understands the content, and can incorporate a marketing sensibility to the content in another language.

How EBook Offers Generate Sales Leads

Content marketers have learned that distributing ebooks can be an effective means to improve inbound marketing strategies. By offering ebooks in languages that potential clients speak, a business can capture an entire new avenue of searches done by potential customers in their own language and improve their search rankings.

Customers searching for information online arrive on websites that offer relevant content.

But a website is intended to be skimmable and brief. To truly get depth of content, the longer format of an ebook meets the need to improve sales conversions.

For businesses, an ebook offers several benefits:

  1. They generate sales leads. By offering the in-depth content of an ebook, site visitors must opt-in through an email sign-up and, therefore, become part of a marketing list of warm leads.
  2. They establish authority. The length of an ebook offers businesses the opportunity to show the depth of their expertise, making them a go-to source for customers.
  3. They integrate with company culture. Business with offices in more than one country can develop ebooks that support their staff training efforts, distribute company information, and share corporate collateral on a worldwide basis..

For customers, an ebook offers advantages over print:

  1. They offer portability. Ebooks live on electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, and ereaders. Customers can keep this information at their fingertips at all times.
  2. They offer current information. A huge advantage ebooks have over print is the ability to update information quickly and cheaply. Customers who have signed up for an ebook can receive alerts and notifications when new information has been added to an ebook.
  3. They offer understanding and clarity. A well-written ebook provides relevant, important content people want to know about in a deeper, more detailed format. With the addition of foreign language versions, businesses reach more potential customers on their own terms and show that they care about their clients’ needs.

For businesses serving a global audience, effective language communication is not only a key component of attracting and maintaining a customer base, but also a savvy means of outsmarting the competition. By using a professional language translation firm to translate ebooks, a business can enjoy a marketing advantage that crosses languages and cultures.

Article by Rachel Wheeler

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