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Dropshipping on Amazon – Understand what, why, and how of it

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If you are an online seller then it’s hard to ignore Amazon. It’s indeed one of the best and largest selling platforms that you can use to take your business on heights. It’s market reputation and customer reach stands second to none.

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But, is it so easy?

How to Start Dropshipping? Can you start selling with the largest online platform just like that?

How you will handle the shipping and do Amazon tracking through Amazon order number?

Well, these and many other such questions may start giving you sleepless night once the idea to start selling with Amazon. Serving as the perfect Amazon dropshipping guide, this article will help you find relevant answers.

What do you mean by Amazon Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a method of selling on e-commerce platforms wherein a seller sells without having an actual physical inventory. It takes orders from the behalf of manufacturers and suppliers, assigns Amazon order numbers accordingly, intimates them when an order comes, and they proceed with the order from the behalf of the seller.

The customer never learns that the order has delivered to his doorsteps via the manufacturer or the supplier. This practice is very popular amongst the leading online shopping platform and Amazon is no exception.

What are the benefits of dropshipping on Amazon?

The popularity of Amazon is not hidden from anyone. Being a trusted and reliable seller on Amazon means million dollars in a month. Dropshipping makes it further easy. Wondering how?

Here is how:

  • No heavy upfront investments

While starting a dropshipping business elsewhere demands heavy investments, Amazon’s dropshipping keep you free from this worry. If you adopt running your business via this method then there is no warehouse, inventory, and infrastructure cost that you have to bear.

  • It’s time-saving

With Amazon’s dropshipping business model, you can save a lot of time. As you are not the one who is doing production, packing, and shipping, you are can sell quickly and easily.

  • Large audience pool to cater

Do you know that Amazon has 300 million active users? Whether you sell nationally or internationally, you will always have a large customer pool to cater to.

  • Automated business

There are many tools and plugin that automates dropshipping fully automated. Hence, you can keep your hands off from your business but still enjoy hassle-free operations.

  • No need to drain out your money and energy on ads

We all know how grueling and money consuming is advertising is. That being said, we just can’t ignore its worth as it’s required to bring your business on the public’s eye. But with Amazon’s dropshipping business model, you are likely to spend less on ads as Amazon is already very popular.

Though you can go for paid ads and sponsored product promotions on Amazon to get noticed, you will get proper optimization, better SEO, and organic traffic on the house. Also, Amazon doesn’t have any minimum

How dropshipping works at Amazon?

So, you want to start dropshipping on Amazon. The very first step that you must take-up in this regard is getting registered with their Fulfilled by Amazon program.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Set-up a seller account on Amazon

It’s a simple step process. You need to choose from the options – Individual and Professional.

Step 2: Find the right product

For this, you can use various tools and plugins that help you find the right kind of product.

Step 3: Find a seller

Once you get the idea of which type of product you should sell, the next thing is to find the right kind of seller. One of the bigger sellers/suppliers for dropshipping is Aliexpress. You can cross-check with it or find a local seller as well.

Step 4: Create a product listing

To do product listing on Amazon, you need to visit Seller Central account > Inventory > Add a product > Create a new product listing. Choose the product category and complete the listing.

As soon as the listing is complete, you can make it go live and start selling.

What to keep in mind before you start dropshipping on Amazon?

Though dropshipping on Amazon can be a game-changer for your business, there are certain things that need to be taken care of if you want to have a hassle-free option.

Amazon’s dropshipping policy says that you are not allowed to dropship with Amazon if:

  • You are purchasing products from another online retailer and drop shipping it to your customers.
  • The shipment fails to identify you as the seller of record or if your details don’t match with the details on the packing slip, invoices, and external packaging.

Along with this, you should always make sure that you are not violating the Amazon Dropshipping policy at any point in time. If this happens, your dream of having a successful business can shatter in no time.

Tips to have beneficial dropshipping on Amazon

There is no second opinion that dropshipping on Amazon is a great way to have a promising business even if you don’t have hefty investments and resources. However, you are not going to get hold of all the benefits under every condition. You can only relish over them if you plan diligently and move forward strategically.

Here are some tips that will help you have a successful dropshipping on Amazon.

  • Find the perfect supplier and product

Your supplier and selling products are at the stepping stone of your future dropshipping business’s success. Hence, you can’t afford to go wrong at this front. Make sure that you have partnered with the right and trusted supplier.

Also, don’t try to sell products that everyone is selling. It’ll be better to make a list of the best products to dropship. Thinking how to find products to dropship? Well, you will get enough help from the online guides and dropship tools.

Additionally, try to focus on niche products that fit in the sellable products list of Amazon. You can also make a bet on seasonal goods as they are good cash cows.

  • Try it first

The best drop shipper is who has confidence in the product. If you are not aware of the quality and USP of your products then you won’t be able to promote it properly. So, before you decide upon listing a product finally, ask for a sample from the supplier/manufacturer, and have a real-time experience of the product.

  • Make sure that shipping is happening in the right manner

Though your supplier/manufacturer will be taking care of packaging and shipping, they will not be the face of your dropshipping business on Amazon. You would be. So, make sure that they are doing it right. Any faulty packaging or poor delivery service will impact your business.

Try to find out their shipping partner. A trusted one like Pkge.net is a better option as they take care of national and international shipping with equal perfection and diligence. -There Amazon tracking facility is also reliable. You can add it to your dropship tool list & leverage the benefits.

The Final Word

Dropshipping on Amazon is indeed an ideal way to turn your dream of having a successful business into reality. But, there are certain business codes that need to be followed. Sticking to Amazon’s dropshipping policy, choosing the right product and Amazon tracking partner, and right promotions are few that tops the list.

If you are able to get hold of all these then who knows you can be next Jeff Bezos.