Amazing Facebook Facts And Stats To Know – An Infographic

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Facebook is no doubt one of the largest social networking sites and from the time it was born on 4th February 2004 to know it has achieved a great success. Not only young generation is using it but a lot more people are using the famous social network to connect with their friends and relatives all around the world.

Businesses have their own benefits of showcasing their products and spread awareness among their target audiences to increase their sales. A lot of businesses are using it for marketing their business. Many small and medium size business as well as big brands are effectively using the social network to connect to a larger audience but still there are some business owners and facebook users in general who are still not aware of the stats like how many users it has daily, monthly and mobile daily active facebook users worldwide. Gender, Employment, Growth and how much time users spend on using facebook in general. These stats can help in planning out better strategies for your business marketing on Facebook.

Not only this but apart from this there are a lot of really fascinating facts that a lot of people are unaware of like who was the first face on Facebook? Why Facebook colour is blue? What happens in every 20 min on facebook? In how many languages Facebook is available?

If you want to know the answers to all above questions then you must check out an infographic which has answers to all above and some more facts that you might find interesting to know. So without any further delay explore a lot of amazing facts about the popular social network Facebook in an infographic below create by the folks at Dark Bear Web Solution.

Amazing Facebook Facts And Stats To Know – An Infographic

Amazing Facebook Facts And Stats To Know - An Infographic

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