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Aliens Are Living On Earth: Bigelow Aerospace CEO

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There’s been talk of aliens coming to Earth for decades, and now one aerospace tycoon says he’s convinced that there are some living among us. Robert Bigelow, whose company created the BEAM module that’s attached to the International Space Station, recounted his views on aliens and UFOs in an interview with 60 Minutes.

Robert Bigelow believes in aliens

Bigelow, who’s 73 years old and lives in Las Vegas, the same state where so-called Area 51 is located, doesn’t care what people think when he tells them that he believes in aliens. He was invited to be interviewed for 60 Minutes to talk about expandable spacecraft.

However, it seems the conversation took an interesting turn. The Bigelow Aerospace executive ended up telling the news program that there has been and is “an existing presence, an ET presence.” He also said that he has spent a lot studying this subject and that it’s “just like right under people’s noses.”

Bigelow said that his grandparents’ close encounter with a UFO drew his interest in aliens. He described the incident on the TV program, saying that the UFO “really sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car” before suddenly moving away at a right angle from their vehicle and flying away. He added that he also had close encounters personally, but he wouldn’t share any details about them.

JFK supposedly saw evidence of aliens too

Whenever someone brings up aliens, inevitably, a debate begins, often with a demand for the credentials of the person who says they believe. But what about when someone like former president John F. Kennedy says they believe? Supposedly, the much-beloved former president did believe in aliens, or at least a man who supposedly served as his pilot claims he did. Interestingly, his name was somehow left out of the program.

According to Express, an unnamed man featured in a new documentary called Unacknowledged recounts a conversation he had with the assassinated president about aliens. He said they were talking about a newspaper article that referenced UFOs and that he told JFK that he didn’t think humans could be alone in the universe. He also claimed that the former president said there is “considerable knowledge” about UFOs and “the ET phenomenon that we are aware of today.”

The documentary covers popular conspiracy theories and suggests that Marilyn Monroe was actually murdered in a conspiracy by the CIA. According to the documentary, it was supposedly because she had an affair with JFK and was preparing to tell the nation about UFOs based on pillow talk. It also alleges that the former president sent a memo to the intelligence agency telling it to release information pertaining to UFOs and aliens to NASA, but he was assassinated before the agency complied.

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