Ahmadiyya Leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad A Proponent Of Peace?

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Whenever you read or hear from the Ahmadiyya communityLove for all Hatred for none‘ you are being charmed with this nice and kind motto and fall in love with this slogan; but how genuine is it? Was this community really established with love and for love? what were the real teachings of its founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? Did he really love people from other faiths and promoted tolerance? did he respect other religions really or Women?

Well, the best way to obtain answers for the above question, is by reading the founder’s books and teachings.

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For those who would wonder who I am? My name is Akrama Najami and I was born Ahmadi and acted as Minister of Religion of this community here in the UK for ten years; and I have left them when I have read the translations of his Urdu books and discovered the unjust and hateful teachings of the founder that promotes prejudice and hatred and I could not accept to be part of such community.

Since then I have been trying to draw the attention of all people about this ‘fake’ peaceful community.

Ahmadiyya was established with the purpose of propagating the teachings of its founder “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”. He claimed to be the promised messiah of the latter days; who was sent by God to save humanity by spreading Islam in the whole world.

Although his community declared that he recognized the noble teachings of the great religious founders in the world, his writings are full of condemnations against these teachings. Even though his community claimed that he had divested Islam of fanatical beliefs and practices, the essence of his actual teachings is contrary to this.

His teachings promote prejudice and hatred, while his community alleges that it is spreading love and peace in the world. Even while Ahmadiyya’s slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None”, and in spite of the claims of his community that he rejected terrorism in any form, I found his writings promote intolerance and racism which might eventually lead to radicalism in my humble opinion.

Below are some extracts from the writings of the Ahmadiyya founder that obviously contradict the ‘glittering’ motto “love for all hatred for none”:

Contempt for Christianity

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has insulted Christianity and Christians. Here are some examples of his writings:

  • He wrote about a Christian named ‘Abdullah Atham’: “He ceased at once from authoring books to defend the filthy teachings of Christianity, which he was preoccupied with.” (Anjaam Aatham, Page 13)
  • He wrote: “Christianity occupies the first position in dishonesty, in the whole world. Those who did not even hesitate to be dishonest regarding the divine books themselves, have fabricated hundreds of false books, how then can any noble person accept their words as claimants?” - (Announcement at the end of 1892, No. 126, Announcements, Vol 1)
  • He said while criticizing a person named ‘Charag Deen’ who announced that he would reconcile Christianity and Islam: "We have no accord with Christianity, because it is all evil and wrong… How can we reconcile (with the Christians) while our religion and our holy book consider the entire Christianity to be filthy and evil?... Woe! He (Charag Deen) considered the Disgusting Christianity in the same degree with Islam!”. - (Announcement dated 23/04/1902, Announcements, Vol 2)

Contempt for other religions

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – Ahmadiyya founder - also insulted other religions and their followers. His hate towards other religions led him to say the following:

  • “... and the head of the impostors ‘Abdulhaq Al-Ghaznawi’ and his entire group, May God curse them a million times He says in his filthy declaration with the utmost determination that this prophecy also was not fulfilled. O ye Filthy impostor, that prophecy has been fulfilled indeed, but it is your fanaticism that makes you blind”. - (Anjaam Atham, Page 229)
  • “We also see it necessary at the end of this article to show that on the opposite side of these dirty filthy impure people, who are determined to consider me an impostor (and non-Muslim), a lot of people have seen the holy prophet in dreams ….”. - (Anjaam Aatham, Page 244)
  • “By God, only we (the Muslims) are well settled on a very strong and high beacon, and everyone else is under our feet”. - (Haqiqatul Wahi, Page 312)
  • “So, if this matter is not fulfilled concerning this evil natured son of the Hindus, and if he did not die as a failing loser and with humiliation and disgrace, then you should know that I am not from God Almighty.” -(Anjaam Aatham, p. 58-59)
  • "And then you (the Sikhs) are not cowards like Hindus, but you are brave people, so I hope that you will accept this path for judgement." - (Announcement dated 18/4/1897, Announcements, Vol 1)

The contempt of all Jews

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad described Judaism and Jews as synonymous with corruption and evil. He described his opponents as having the attributes of Jews; meaning by this that they were wicked and malicious.

The following are some examples from his writings:

  • “Some wicked sheikhs, who are of the “Jews nature”, say to cover up the truth…. those who conceal the truth and the justice testimony, because of their self-interests and desires; are in fact more filthy and disgusting. O ye sheikh… Do not lie and do not eat the filth eaten by Christians”. - (Anjaam Aatham, Page 193)
  • "and then those who have Jewish natures will incline to the call of Satan and will become by their cover-up, followers of the Anti-Christ (Dajjaal)." - (Anwar al-Islam)
  • "the fourth sign of the Mahdi is that in his time many Muslims with Jewish natures will support the Anti-Christ (Dajjaal)." - (Anwar al-Islam)
    "Doesn’t it clearly and frankly express this incident, in which the sheikhs with Jewish attributes have cunningly planned?" - (Diaa Ul-Haq)
  • "As for the priests, the worshipers of the dead, and the hypocrite Sheikhs with Jewish qualities, they have seen the aspect of great humiliation. Will they then return to the truth after all this?" - (Anjaam Aatham)
  • “and Jews and Christians will not accept you... that is to say that Muslims with Jewish attributes and priests from among the Christians will not accept you unless you become like them”. - (Teryaqul Quloub)

Wishes to spread epidemics and disasters

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad - founder of Ahmadiyya - wished for disasters and plagues to spread in India, to torment those who did not follow him in particular. His writings revealed his ill wishes towards those who did not accept him as the long-awaited promised messiah of the latter days.

He believed that the plague that spread in India and killed millions of people and the other disasters that befell the world during his lifetime; all happened for the sake of proving his truthfulness in his claims as the chosen one by God.

He also believed that the continued wars, suffering, and destruction in the world are all manifestations of God’s work for supporting him as the promised Messiah of the latter days! He saw that the atrocities of the world are for his sake.

He wrote:

  • “I thank God that my supplications and appeals did not go in vain, some of them turned into plague and some into earthquakes!" - (Baraheen Vol 5, published in the year 1905)
  • “When there was no sign of the plague in Mumbai, I prayed for its inception and it took place. I mentioned this nine years ago in my book “Hamatul Bushra”, in a verse of the poem “And when immorality poured in abundance, I wished for a destructive plague” …. i.e. when immorality spread, I prayed for the spreading of the plague”. - (The decent of the Messiah, page 152)
  • “One day, I decided to pray due to the extremity of the heat, so a thought came to my mind instantly, that God does this for my sake. For if the plague was to be eradicated one day, and the earthquakes stopped, and if fruits were to become ripe again, the people will go back to slandering me. God says I will show your truth in strong clanks. These are his clanks, so why should I pray for it to cease? Our contentment is not associated with the contentment of the world, for everything that happens, is in our favour.” - (Badr volume 1, number 20, page 3-4, 17/08/1905)
  • “The days are near, and I see it near, when humanity shall encounter something similar to dooms day. And earthquakes will not only occur, but great disasters will occur also, some from the heaven, and some from the earth…. If I had not come, it (the destruction) may have been delayed for some time”. - (Haqiqatul-Wahi, page 289)

Disrespect for women

Throughout his writings, the founder of Ahmadiyya always mentioned women with disrespect and described them as inferior to men.

below are a few examples of his writings about Women:

  • He likened Satan to women, and likened Satan’s voice to the woman's voice. He wrote: "The true revelation is characterized by strength, force and loftiness, and it strikes the heart by a strong shock: it descends on the heart with power and a majestic voice. As for the revelation of the liars, it descends with a faint voice like the voice of thieves, effeminates and women because Satan is a thief, and effeminate and a woman.” - (Darurat-ul-Imam, p. 29)
  • He considered that among the conditions for allowing polygamy is that the woman gives birth to females only, he said: “If a wife is unable to have children or if when she gives birth the children die because of illness, or if she gives birth to females only; in such cases, the man needs a second wife." - (Fountain of Knowledge, Roohani Khazain, vol. 23, p. 244)
  • He mentioned the women of the children of Israel as an example of inferiority, He wrote: “What good is there in a nation that is despicable and contemptible, and inferior to the women of the children of Israel? - (Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Vol 5, p. 341)
  • He addressed one of his opponents in an Urdu poem saying: “You are like a female and your opinion is as deficient as the opinion of women ?. You are deficient and your father and grandfather are also deficient."- (Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, p. 599)
  • He wrote a Persian revelation in his personal revelation notebook, its translation is: " That son whose father die and he should not be sad, would be better if he was born a female". - (Notebook of the Revelations, P. 6)
  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad divorced his wife and excommunicated his son; just because they attended the wedding of a girl he wanted to marry in the past; but was denied his wish. She was 12 years old when he asked for her hand in marriage, while he was 52 years. - (Announcements in 2/6/1891, vol 1)

Bad language

The written works of Ahmadiyya founder are full of insults and degrading words. below are some examples:

  • He said after mentioning the books he wrote before 1893: "every Muslim sees those books with an eye of love and affection, and benefits from the knowledge within them, and accepts me and believe in my claim, except the progeny of the prostitutes upon whose hearts God has set a seal, they do not accept me." - (Attabligh, P100)
  • The previous phrase was repeated in other books. He wrote addressing a Christian person: “you know that whoever is born in a family of nobility, and not of the progeny of prostitutes and the progeny of the Antichrist (Dajjal), will do one of two things ...". - (Noorul Haq, Page 109)
  • He addressed a Shiekh (Muslim) by saying: “By God, I won’t be considered a brave man in the battlefield, if I don’t repeatedly launch attacks on you, you son of a bitch (prostitute)”. - (Minanu Alrahman, Page 57)
  • He wrote: “You hurt me in a filthy way, I will not be a true prophet if you do not die in disgrace and shame, you son of a bitch (prostitute)”. - (Maktoob Ahmad, Page 119)

Article by Akrama Najami

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