How To Add Bookmarks To Chrome’s Right-Click Menu

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A screen’s real estate area is very important for some people, especially for those who are on small screen laptops or netbooks. In such a case, to gain more space, you might also keep the bookmarks bar hidden. Now the problem is that to open bookmarks, you’ll need to make the bar visible, or you’ll need to go to the Chrome menu button and then from there, click on the Bookmarks option.

Add bookmarks to the right-click menu

Context Bookmarks, a Chrome extension, adds the bookmarks to the context menu when you right-click on any empty space on the web page. After installing the extension, when you right-click, you’ll be able to see a new menu called “Bookmarks bar,” and from there, you can view an entire list of your bookmarks.

This extension doesn’t shows the websites’ shortcut icons, which means that sometimes it will be difficult to recognize websites. When saving the bookmark, if you’ve removed the text and relied only on these icons, then this extension won’t display the bookmarks in your right-click menu. In such a case, you might want to edit the bookmark and give a name to it.

Context Bookmarks also has a nice trick. Type “F” in the Chrome’s Omnibox (URL bar), then hit the spacebar, followed by a folder name, and press Enter to open all the sites saved in that particular folder.

The last option in the bookmarks menu is “Options.” Clicking on it will take you to the Options page, from which you can configure it so that new links open in a new tab or in the background tab. Just right-click on a folder to open all links from that folder and see many more such settings. This extension surely helps you in providing quicker access to bookmarks. You can try it out from the below link.

Install Context Bookmarks from Chrome Web Store.

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