Active Shooter Outside Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island NY [UPDATED]

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A shooter is at large on Long Island New York according to reports that emerged just minutes ago. The gun man is described as active and local buildings, including the Roosevelt Mall and local schools, are on lock down.

Active Shooter Outside Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island NY [UPDATED]

According to reports from local media the employee of a Garden City company, Safe Energy, walked into the business and shot dead two employees. The man was seen fleeing the area in the direction of the Roosevelt Mall. Police confirmed that the two people were shot this afternoon, but their current condition has not been revealed.

The Mall is on lock down but it is not being evacuated. The shooter is described as an Asian male between 6 foot and 6’3″ in height. He is said to be wearing a baseball cap and a brown or grey suit jacket. One eyewitness account said that the man was driving a Honda Pilot with registration FMA 3648.

Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting

According to a spokesperson from the Roosevelt Mall the shooting did not take place on the Mall property. Police spokesperson Det. Vincent Garcia, of the Nassau County Police Department, told Newsday that the shooting happened in a business on South Street Garden City at 10:10 am EST.

People inside the Mall were told to stay inside and take cover by police on the scene. The police had, according to local media reports, set up a perimeter around the Mall and were investigating the ongoing situation.

According to a spokesperson for the Garden City school district, schools in the area were operating in a “lock out” mode. that meant that students were going on with their work but nobody was allowed to enter building ins the school district.

As new from the scene continues to come in, we will update with the latest information on the breaking case.

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