A visual breakdown of VC activity in 3Q 2015

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George Gaprindashvili / 17 hours ago
Continuing our quarter-end coverage of PE, VC and M&A activity in 3Q 2015, here we take a look at the venture side of things. Venture capital invested globally increased for a second straight quarter, from $25.6 billion in 1Q to $30.1 billion in 3Q, while deal count fell for a second straight quarter, including a major drop from 2Q to 3Q (down 24%). Exit activity also continues to decline. Quarter-over-quarter, completed exits slipped by 22% in 3Q, while capital exited dropped by 37%. Valuations, of course, are flying high; but not just at the late stage. The median Series B valuation in 3Q—$58.6 million—jumped 65% from the same quarter last year. For a breakdown of global VC activity in 3Q, check out our datagraphic below.

3Q-2015-EOQ-Datagraphic-VC (1)

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