A Ringside View of the Pharma Industry

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On day 2 of VALUEx India 2011, Ranjit Shahani addressed the group. Ranjit Shahani is Vice Chairman and MD of Novartis India. He has made significant contributions in consolidating the Company’s pharmaceuticals business during the critical integration phase pre and post formation of Novartis India Limited. As President of Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI), he has been in the forefront in creating awareness of the challenges facing the Pharmaceuticals industry and how patents serve as innovation growth drivers.

During his presentation, Ranjit Shahani shared his thoughts on the pharma opportunity in India. Specifically, he shared his views, based on his unique insight as a leader in the industry, issues such as how pharma companies can drive innovation, leverage the dynamics of emerging markets to becomes leaders in innovation, and provide affordable and profitable health care in low income countries.

Presentation by Ranjit Shahani at the first annual VALUEx India.

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