A message from children of Pakistan to hell-bound terrorists

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On December 16, seven terrorists stormed into the Army Public School in Peshawar. The hell-bound terrorists brutally murdered 141 people, including 133 innocent children. Less than a month after the tragic massacre that shook Pakistan, the Army Public School reopened on January 12 and brave children returned to the school to complete their studies.


Today, human chains were formed in the major cities of Pakistan to commemorate the victims of the school carnage. The cold-blooded murder prompted Pakistan army and government to take strong measures to eliminate terrorists from Pakistani soil. The government lifted the moratorium on the death penalty; military courts are being set up; the government vowed not to differentiate between good terrorists and bad terrorists.

Pakistan’s children: Kill each and every one of the bad guys

But the crucial question is: what do the innocent children of Pakistan, the future of the nation, want? Pakistan Armed Forces fighter pilot Riz, who recently visited the Peshawar school, beautifully lays out the feelings of children of Pakistan, and mothers who lost their kids in the carnage. Last month, when he entered the air-crew room after a mission, he received a phone call from his 10-year old sister.

She asked him, “You’re going to kill each and every one of the bad guys out there, right?” Stunned, he said, “Yes, that’s what I’m here for.” She replied with a “thank you” and hung up. Her phone call came immediately after the school in Peshawar was attacked. This little girl’s words reflect what the innocent children of Pakistan want.

Terrorists targeted children who didn’t even know why they were being targeted. They were dragged out from under the tables, chairs, and shot in the head. Their only fault? They were children of armed forces personnel who have dedicated their lives to protect their countrymen. A few days ago, Riz received a phone call from his mother, who said, “Fight them (terrorists). Kill them. They’ve hurt your mothers.”

Every child was an epitome of courage

These innocent kids were killed not because they were going to school, but because they were children of brave soldiers who are fighting against the menace of terrorism. Riz later visited the Combined Military and Lady Reading Hospitals in Peshawar to see the injured children and their families. Despite being injured, every child was an epitome of resilience and courage. They were waiting to heal and go back to the same classrooms where they saw their friends being killed.

Riz urged every single Pakistani national to stand with and motivate the soldiers fighting against terrorism. He promised to avenge every last drop of blood, every last breath.

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