A Look At The Louisville Real Estate Market

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In real estate, it’s important to have good eyes and ears for potential prospects. Good eyes ate for seeing what the area can offer concerning houses, business, and entertainment. Good ears to hear how the people are reacting and communicating about the area around them.

In the state of Kentucky, Louisville is a city with plenty to invest in and the potential to grow in the years ahead. From food and sports to beautiful neighborhoods and parks, Louisville has so much to offer.

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The Louisville Real Estate Market

To start with housing, there are more than 150 neighborhoods in Louisville and Jefferson County, offering thousands of homes for families to browse, buy, and customize.

The best neighborhoods in Louisville are Cherokee Seneca (Average home value: $536,051), Belknap (Average home value: $317,196), Old Louisville (Average home value: $354,102), Clifton (Average home value: $215,344), and Highlands (Average home value: $235,507).

There’s never been a better time to find real estate in Louisville — and if you’re willing to
do some research, your dream home could be right around the corner. For the historian in mind, Old Louisville has the largest collection of restored Victorian homes in the country and the third-largest Historic Preservation District in the US.

Lastly, on housing, the neighborhoods of Louisville were once homes of the rich and famous. Central Business District was the home of US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. Muhammad Ali began his journey in Parkland, and in Butchertown resided the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison.


On the subject of celebrities, actress Jennifer Lawrence lived in Broad Fields, and Actor Tom Cruise lived in Poplar Level. When it comes to star power, Louisville has quite the constellation. Moreover, Louisville is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the US population, making it the ideal place to settle down, ramp up, or start the next chapter of life.

Moving on to food, Louisville is known to be a diverse food hub in Kentucky. There are familiar franchises of foods for a quick meal like YUM Foods (KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell). There are also plenty of Papa John’s and Long John Silver’s to be found as well.

Aside from franchises, there are local joints that set this city apart from the rest. Imperelli’s Pizza, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, and Mussel Burger and Bar are quite a credit to the community of Louisville. Speaking of burgers, the first cheeseburger was created in Louisville by a man named Carl Kaelin in 1934.

Louisville Real Estate Market Infographic

Source: Finish Line Realty