9 In 10 Companies Will Return To Office By The End Of 2024 – Survey

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Vast majority of companies that have already returned to office say RTO has improved revenue, productivity and worker retention

SEATTLE ResumeBuilder.com, the premier resource for professional resume templates and career advice, has published a recent survey report that examines companies’ plans for returning to the office. The report also shares insight into employee attendance tracking and the consequences of not complying with RTO policies. Researchers collected and analyzed responses from 1,000 company decision-makers.

Majority Of The Companies Will Return To Office By The End Of Next Year

Based on survey results, 64 percent of respondents say their company has a physical office space, and 20 percent say their company plans to have one by the end of 2024. Concerning current or future RTO plans, 51 percent of companies say they currently require some or all employees to work in person, 39 percent say they plan to by the end of 2024, and 8 percent say they plan to by 2025 or later.

Of respondents whose companies have already returned to office, 3 in 4 say they have seen an improvement in revenue. Additionally, the vast majority also say they have seen improvements in productivity, worker retention, employee relationships, and company culture.

“It’s important to note that, when it comes to RTO, one size does not fit all,” says Chief Career Advisor, Stacie Haller. “The majority of business leaders who plan to RTO in 2024 seem to understand that, in order to retain talent, they can’t force unwilling employees back to the office.

“The end of 2024 is still a long way away, and the job market is constantly changing. It remains to be seen if businesses will follow through on their RTO plans, especially when taking into account the recent backlash against major employers who have forced employees back to office,” she says.

Among respondents whose companies have returned to office, 83 percent say they currently track employee attendance. Likewise, of respondents whose companies plan to RTO in 2024, 70 percent say they will track attendance. Furthermore, 28 percent say their company will threaten to fire employees who do not comply with the RTO policy. To incentivize employees to RTO, 72 percent of company decision-makers say their company will offer commuter benefits, 57 percent say they will offer childcare benefits, and 64 percent say they will provide catered meals.

This online poll was commissioned by ResumeBuilder.com and conducted via Pollfish from August 17 to 19, 2023. Respondents consist of a national sample of 1,000 office workers. To view the complete report, please visit ResumeBuilder.com.

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