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7 Tips to Protect Your Business with Social Media

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Only a powerful social media presence can guide your business is doing well in today’s competitive market. This is what makes social media platforms as important as they are. With thousands of businesses extending their reach today to the online world, competition undoubtedly is staggeringly high. This makes it important to understand how to protect one’s business with the help of social media against such stiff competition.

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Although analysing how to do this is no rocket science, yet we cannot deny that it involves a technical approach. It is only by understanding how social media works, for instance, that you can deliver your best on it. This is why we have tried to centre some of the best tips to protect your business in today’s competitive market with social media, keeping these necessities in mind.

Here are 7 tips for you to protect your business in a competitive market with social media.

Understand the Algorithms of Social Media Platforms

Content that pops up in audience feeds might appear random to someone in the first instance, but they are not. What if we tell you that all social media platforms have a set algorithm at play that decides what content to show? What if we tell you that viewers see content that the social media platform has tailored for them? There are many parameters it takes into consideration – their contacts, liked posts, search history, activity in the feed and so on.

The reason behind social media platforms working so hard on building custom feeds is to enrich user experience. Most certainly, people choose social media platforms over mainstream websites for good reason, one of them being experience.

Therefore, as a business owner, you must be wary of these tricks social media platforms put to use. Only then will you be able to design content that makes it more suitable compared to your competitors. This will ensure that it is your curated content that finds its way into people’s feeds.

So, the first tip to stand ahead of your competition is to cater to user demand. make constant research and update a habit. Look for trends and needs users are talking about. Address the issues of the present and build content around what is trending. At the same time, pay due note to your competitor’s content to always stay a step ahead in terms of content and ideas.

Working on a handsome brand image

Gone are the years when only incorporating a few keywords into the content meant it is good enough for social media. These days, the sole important figure in any content must be ‘you’. After all, it is you and your brand that you need to market. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take the right steps to market your content, ideas and brand and end up a unique image for yourself.

This process of brand building involves not just working on these ideas but also visual appeal on social media. The first step involves creating a great profile and logo. The logo of your brand or business must be iconic as well as unique. It should be the guiding light for your profile on social media. All your posts can follow the same theme around it in terms of colours, shapes and weight. This is one of the smartest ways to outshine your competitors while creating a solid audience base at the same time.

Creating an Attractive Profile

One of the first things that attract audiences to remain loyal to your social media is your profile. This includes cover images, descriptions, services offered as well as other features that vary from one platform to another. Therefore, creating an attractive, relevant profile, is one of the first things that you need to do when planning to protect your business from the competition.

The first step would be to work on an attractive cover image for your profile. This could be anything, from your company’s staff group photo to a glimpse of your work. If you are an individual brand then you could highlight some or the other of your work to attract viewers.

These days, high-quality free images are available on multiple online sites. You can pick out the most relevant picture based on your brand’s identity.

Posting Content Frequently

One of the key aims, when on social media, is to maintain a good following. This is why posting content frequently becomes ever more important. It does not just help you maintain touch with your audience but also keeps them informed about your ideas and brand.

At the same time, you must also make sure of garnering enough likes and engagement on these posts of yours. You can easily grow your Facebook presence these days to stay ahead in the game compared to your competitors. This way, you appear as more popular out of the hundreds and thousands of similar pages or profiles on social media. Besides, it gives you an edge in terms of engagement and activity on your posts.

Always Keeping Track of Trends

Social media is home to the latest trends, news and fashion. Therefore, make it a point to tailor your content and posts around the latest trends to catch hold of more and more traffic. After all, people are more likely to be searching for such content that is related to a recent trend.

You can keep an eye on the latest trends by looking at your competitors or some of the largest pages on social media platforms. Your aim should be to try and incorporate seamlessly any latest trend you see in the market. At the same time, try not to sacrifice your uniqueness in the process. Always keep in mind that, at the end of the day, audiences will be attracted only if you have something unique to offer.

Ensuring Thumbnail Photos are Hand-Picked

Most social media content ends up being shared widely if it is great. This is also something you should be targeting at. Therefore, try to ensure that you pick out great thumbnail images for your posts.

Try to modify them in a way that they speak about your content loud and clear. Also, try to place yourself in the shoes of the online audience and pick out something that they would be interested to see further.

Using words that attract

It is not just the thumbnail but also the title and description of the content, especially blogs, that matter. Words like ‘shocking’, ‘do you know’ and ‘best’ automatically create intrigue in the mind of the reader.

They feel attracted and curious and end up visiting your site out of the dozens of articles and images lying before them. This is a clever way to outdo your competitors in the world of social media.


Businesses are looking to translate into online giants these days, and for good reason. The internet is the place where everyone likes to spend more than half of their day, whether for work or leisure. The internet, and especially social media, acts as both a storehouse of information and a pool of entertainment.

However, with tremendous competition balking down your efforts, you cannot hope to rise beyond your competitors without some tried and tested tricks. For making your tactics & tricks work faster in this competition you can grow your Instagram followers to improve your social media business profile engagement.We hope these 7 tips to protect your business in the competitive market has proved useful to you.